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The Word of The Maya 

Scribed by Ruth Lee



This book enlightens, amazes and challenges you!

This is a book that enlightens, amazes, and challenges you to pause and re-think what you know about your life, your mind, and how you use time. The Word of The Maya pushes the boundaries of commonly held beliefs and enlarges the reader’s mind and spirit by setting up an extraordinary dialogue with the reader while revealing teachings of the Ascended Maya that are uncannily relevant to leading a rich and spiritually fulfilling life today.

Ruth Lee has channeled the definitive wisdom of The Maya for all those who have been waiting for insight that will re-awaken their own connections to the brilliance of the ancient Mayan Masters of Time and Space. The Word of The Maya is essential reading from the most trusted spiritual scribe about what it means to be Maya in consciousness, and Maya at heart.

~ Julie Powell, Cotacachi, Ecaudor, SA

New Spiritual Information From an Ancient Source

Ruth Lee is a Scribe to the Ancient Maya. In this channeled book, you will find practical information that you can use to deepen your spiritual practices, including prayer and meditation, learn to understand and use Time effectively, and master the life you are living today.

This book is one to read slowly and savor. I’m on my third reading and still gleaning more wisdom from its pages.

~ Lynne B. Klippel, Author, Publisher, Teacher, Cuenca, Ecuador, SA

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The Word of The Maya 

The Word of The Maya, Ruth Lee, Scribe


The Word of The Maya 

Scribed by Ruth Lee



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