Healing is Only a Breath Away



Healing is Only a Breath Away by Ruth Lee, Scribe


Healing is Only a Breath Away
By Ruth Lee, Scribe


It may seem too easy to be able to breathe your way to good health and prosperity, but it’s true. When you breathe effectively and efficiently, you can heal your mind and body! Such an obvious fact is often overlooked by those seeking spiritual paths to healing—especially those following traditional medical interventions.

Although originally intended for those in need of deeper levels of healing, Healing is Only a Breath Away helps all seeking more energy or release from stress. Just sit back or walk about and relax as you listen to Healing is Only a Breath Away. In time its healing message becomes a mantra that electrifies your mind and reminds you to breathe more deeply and relax.

To become wealthy and enjoy the good life, you need to be healthy—AND you need peace of mind to have it all! Learn to relax and breathe properly and enjoy living from the inside out.

Meditation safely frees your mind of stress and anxiety!

Healing is Only a Breath Away CD

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Himalayan MountainsHealing is Only a Breath Away by Ruth Lee inspired thousands when it debuted as a tele-seminar. It includes deep breathing and visualization exercises as well as instructions on how to use meditation to heal the mind and body. 

This powerful Healing recording can be safely used at home alone or wherever you can let yourself go and flow with its message of healing and life. Everything you need to free your mind of fear and pain is here!

Healing is Only a Breath Away by Ruth Lee, Scribe

Healing is Only a Breath Away

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Healing is Only a Breath Away induces a state of relaxation as it frees your mind of worry and anxiety.  To promote even deeper levels of healing, it is wise to practice the deep breathing exercises in “The Healing Breath” included in the Full Circle of Meditation, by Ruth Lee, Scribe.  To read more about it, Click here.

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Meditating with Ruth Lee helps YOU…

  • Reduce stress and anxiety in order to really enjoy life.
  • Improve your health and energy, while providing a time to heal.
  • Experience peace of mind and well-being.
  • Feel more confident, connected, and supported by the universe around you.
  • Listen to your inner wisdom and connect with your spiritual source.

Everyone benefits from meditation, but not everyone knows it! Why not use everything available to improve your life here and now?

We could list pages of the benefits you receive immediately and eventually from meditating, but it isn’t necessary. You would not be reading this if you were not aware of it now. However, you may be having problems entering deeper levels of meditation or you may not be able to enter an altered state without much time elapsing now. 

Whatever your ability to meditate at various levels of consciousness, you can heal your body and mind through spiritual practice.  Remove the doubt and begin to merge with your spiritual center here…by simply listening and following the cues given to relax and let go of stress and anxiety and flow… 


Healing is Only a Breath Away by Ruth Lee, ScribeTo Order Your Copy Of

Healing is Only a Breath Away CD

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