The Making of a Scribe



The Making of a Scribe -- How to Achieve a Life You Can Write About by Ruth Lee (Book Cover)


The Making of a Scribe
~ How to Achieve a Life You Can Write About

Ruth Lee, Scribe


Ever wonder how Spiritual Scribes are chosen and how they work? These questions and many more are covered in The Making of a Scribe. This book solves the mystery and demonstrates how Ruth Lee was prepared for the call and how she trance-scribes accurately and quickly, spiritual wisdom of great depth that seemingly appears out of everywhere.

My First Encounter with Ruth Lee Ruth Lee began writing fast as she spoke simultaneously; her mind stepping aside to allow Spirit to communicate directly with me. I listened and watched intently as she continued speaking and writing non-stop… barely looking up to see my reaction to words that hit me like a lead pipe. I observed her, as her pen created a cursive trail of information; answering my questions with pertinent wisdom relating to areas of my life which she had no knowledge of. Three pages and twenty minutes later, I had ‘in hand’ facts, clues, and revelations that helped me realize the possibilities of my new life plan. At the time I didn’t know Ruth Lee was a direct channel for The Holy Spirit or (Spirit Guides) who help us navigate the Earth Plane…or that she channeled books dictated by ‘other worldly’ Teachers and The Ascended Maya. I didn’t know much at the time, but I had a strong sense, this would be the connection of a lifetime. Many years have passed, and I have had many readings since that first one…yet I still struggle to understand Ruth’s gifts and the entire scope of her mission on Earth. One thing I do know without doubt, I am a believer in The Holy Spirit and bless the day I connected with Ruth Lee, Scribe. ~ Kathy Safchick, Pittsburgh, PA, USAAs the subtitle indicates: How to Achieve a Life You Can Write About is all about YOU and how to be all you can be Now rather than some unspecified time in the future. If you are now Writing in Spirit, you, too, can develop your ability to become a spiritual scribe and share your wisdom with others. Apply the guidance provided in The Making of a Scribe and work hard at it…one day soon you may also become a Spiritual Scribe.

The Making of a Scribe provides insights into the life of one very special Spiritual Scribe of our time. Take advantage of this opportunity to peek behind the scenes and visit with Ruth Lee since she normally does not grant interviews.

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As the title The Making of a Scribe ~ How to Achieve a Life You Can Write About implies but does not describe, the following questions will be answered as you explore this work and dig deeper into the history of one very confident and effective Spiritual Scribe, Ruth Lee:

  • What is a Spiritual Scribe?
  • Why is Ruth Lee dubbed The Scribe?
  • Can you write outside your mind, too?
  • What is a Spiritual Guide and what can they do that we cannot see or believe possible to achieve?
  • Can you scribe, too?

This little book contains a multitude of ideas and ways to describe how Spiritual Scribes work—most especially how Ruth Lee became one who has dazzled the world with such incredible master works as The Books of Wisdom from The Teachers of the Higher Planes, The Word of The Maya, and numerous books that teach in ‘novel’ ways.

The Making of a Scribe -- How to Achieve a Life You Can Write About by Ruth Lee (Book Cover)


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The Making of a Scribe
~ How to Achieve a Life You Can Write About


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