Writing in Spirit Workbook



Jeanne's Story: Writing in Spirit by Ruth Lee, Scribe

Writing in Spirit

Volume 2 of the Writing in Spirit Trilogy

By Ruth Lee


The Perfect Partner for Writing in Spirit ~ Jeanne’s Story!

Have you ever been stunned by the beauty or wisdom of something you wrote—as though it had been written by someone else?  Ever wondered where such ideas or thoughts came from? Ever wanted to write like that all the time? Well it’s time to stop wondering and start Writing in Spirit!

Let me Write in Spirit so I may follow where You guide me…There is a way of writing and reaching deep within your life to discover worlds you only imagine exist now. The Writing in Spirit Workbook is the second book in the Writing in Spirit Trilogy that began with Jeanne’s Story and her struggle to free herself of the tyranny of her everyday mind. 

The Writing in Spirit Workbook provides 22 unique lessons designed to exercise your writing abilities and broaden your mind as it expands your creative horizons. Think about it:  You, too, can write like Ruth Lee, Scribe.   

Simply follow the Workbook’s simple lesson plan until you find your own pacing and style of writing—then record your spiritual growth each time you repeat the exercises. Following the instructions in the Writing in Spirit Workbook will enable you to tap into your inner life and seek direction from your Spiritual Guides.

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Every time you write a memo, journal, or delve into your spiritual and life experiences, strive to access your inner wisdom. If you practice—and are blessed, you may even find yourself connecting to those in Spirit who seek to share messages with the world…or discover a novel waiting for you to explore and create for others to enjoy.  

Famous writers of every genre speak of connecting with their muse or inner source, yet few can explain how they connect. Remove the mystery of such connection so you, too, can Write in Spirit now. You choose the time and level of effort you wish to devote to learning how to Write in Spirit. You will be blessed many times over with spiritual wisdom and work that would otherwise never have reached your everyday lifeClick here to read more about the Writing in Spirit Workbook.


Writing in Spirit Workbook by Ruth Lee Scribe

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Writing in Spirit



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Writing in Spirit Workbook


To enhance your ability to Write in Spirit, use the Writing in Spirit Official Notebook to complete each assignment. This notebook includes all the exercises from the Writing in Spirit Workbookwith plenty of room to complete each writing assignment.

Also included are three additional sections devoted to developing other aspects of your creativity. These unique exercises are designed to strengthen your everyday writing skills, artistry, and ability to more easily enter your inner life and Write in Spirit.


Writing in Spirit Official Notebook

Writing in Spirit
Official Notebook

Volume 3 of the Writing in Spirit Trilogy


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Jeanne's Story: Writing in Spirit by Ruth Lee, Scribe

Writing in Spirit
~ Jeanne’s Story

Volume 1 of the Writing in Spirit Trilogy


This unique novel lets you peek into Jeanne Beck’s diary as she explores her inner life and outer world, expressing her thoughts and feelings while Writing in Spirit. As you bear witness to Jeanne’s personal and spiritual evolution, you find yourself confirming her theories—perhaps putting them into practice, too.

Whatever your beliefs, you will recognize that Jeanne’s Story is much more than ‘just a novel’! Let her explorations of mind and spirit enhance your relationships, as well as deepen your ethical convictions and connections to your spiritual work and inner life.

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