Writing in Spirit Official Notebook



Writing in Spirit Official Notebook

Writing in Spirit
Official Notebook

Volume 3 of the Writing in Spirit Trilogy

By Ruth Lee


The Perfect Partner for the Writing in Spirit Workbook!

Reading about Writing in Spirit is a long way from actually doing it. Knowing that Ruth Lee mastered the art is encouraging, but it doesn’t help you develop the abilities you need to Write in Spirit, too. The good news is there is no trick to learning how to Write in Spirit!

Ever wish you could have Conversations with God as Neale Donald Walsch does, or scribe for teachers from other worlds as Ruth Lee did in The Books of Wisdom, or channel A Course in Miracles much like Dr. Helen Schucman? This is your chance to learn how to Write in Spirit or meditate deeply enough to access your spiritual realms in order to create literature—or messages from God. Regardless of where you are now, your understanding of who you are and why you are here is enhanced by Writing in Spirit!If you wish to connect with your spiritual guides to discover the best and easiest path to follow daily, you must write daily. Like any skill, you have to practice—a lot! Remember: Self-actualization is based on confidence—and confidence is based on competence. The best way to become competent is practice…practice…practice! And the best place to practice Writing in Spirit is in the Writing in Spirit Official Notebook.

It is recommended that you start your spiritual studies with the Writing in Spirit Workbook, which provides an enlightened lesson plan that includes exercises and in-depth explanations designed to teach the basic skills required to Write in Spirit. 

Keep in mind: The Writing in Spirit Workbook does not provide adequate space to complete assignments. For that you need a separate notebook—and there is none better than the Writing in Spirit Official Notebook.

Obviously, you can use any notebook to complete the assignments provided in the Writing in Spirit Workbook, but the Writing in Spirit Official Notebook is specifically designed to make light work of all lessons—PLUS it contains many additional exercises. You need only complete assignments provided throughout the notebook to see your everyday writing improve—as well as your capacity to Write in Spirit

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The Writing in Spirit Official Notebook is divided into four sections—each section provides space to practice unique writing exercises.  In addition to assignments from the Writing in Spirit Workbook lesson plan, there are many other exciting, innovative exercises designed to help you access your spiritual wisdom and explore your inner life through writing.

To get the most out of this life, put your art and writing on the table and take yourself seriously.  Regardless of how you work with Spirit now, the exercises provided in the Writing in Spirit Official Notebook can develop your inner life through specially designed meditations and creative writing exercises. Click here to read more about the Writing in Spirit Official Notebook.


Writing in Spirit Official Notebook

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Writing in Spirit
Official Notebook


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