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Within The Veil
~An Adventure in Time

By Ruth Lee


Is it possible for a successful business woman to transform into a Mayan shaman? You know the answer, if you read Angel of The Maya. 

Within the Veil ‘trance-ports’ you through time to reveal the back-story of Mandy Sheridan, who abandoned a brilliant career to work with the Divine in another place and time.

(The Scribe shares her experience while writing this book) “Within the Veil arrived unexpectedly in 1995. I was immediately swept away by its powerful, strange story-line... “I didn’t want to change anything as I watched my fingers rapidly type a new chapter each day! It all arrived as though from another mind in another time. “Wishing others to experience that same thrill, I did little editing to the text...letting you, the reader, feel changes in time for yourself. “Never having written anything like it, I never dreamt my life would follow my art --not the other way around.”Adventures in Time are non-stop as Mandy enters time warps or parallel universes while vacationing in Mexico. A mysterious man introduces Mandy to Mayan shamans who recognize her as an ancient Mayan storyteller…and thus her story begins!

Mandy’s decision to join the shamans as they ‘enter the veil’ and move beyond time enables her to experience a different kind of spirituality where she remains connected to the present while being initiated into ancient mysteries.  

Will Mandy leave her career and worldly success behind in order to work with the Ascended Maya—or is it all a dream? 

Although Within the Veil: An Adventure in Time makes quantum leaps into time in order to experience spiritual growth…it is not science fiction—it is spiritual reality!

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Character, Mandy Sheridan ifrom the book Within The Veil with a Jaguar Juxtoposed with her headCan you join Mandy in her adventures? Yes! You can slip in-and-out of reality right along with her.

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Within The Veil: An Adventure in Time by Ruth Lee Scribe

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Within The Veil
~An Adventure in Time



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