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Within The Veil
~An Adventure in Time  

By Ruth Lee


When Within the Veil: An Adventure in Time hit bookstores in 1996, some dubbed it ‘Chick Lit’ because the protagonist is a woman. How outrageous, you say, but too many men and even some women are uncomfortable acknowledging strong women thrive and exist today.

In another guise, Ruth Lee delves into metaphysical and arcane subjects with wit and wisdom, while inviting you to join Mandy Sheridan as she travels through time among The Maya of today and ancient times. You, too, can enter Mandy’s world as she explores and participates in shamanic rituals somewhere outside time within Mexico. Perhaps you, too, will leave your career behind to explore spirituality more?

As you go Within the Veil with Mandy, compare Mandy’s Adventure in Time to the steps Joseph Campbell described in his great work, The Power of Myth. Let your imagination roam freely as the myth takes over and carries you beyond today—into other worlds.

It may help you better understand the power of myth as it relates to Mandy’s adventures, if you compare the twelve steps of The Hero’s Journey to Mandy’s Adventures in Time, Within the Veil. Most likely, you will restructure the steps and describe Mandy’s path to redemption and enlightenment differently, but this chart will get you started:

Comparing Mandy’s Adventures to The Hero’s Journey


Step Defined as Description Provided in Within the Veil
1 Call to Adventure While chatting with a friend in NYC, Mandy wonders if there is more to life
2 Accepts the Call Travels to Mexico where she meets Jorge, who takes her to Mayan elders who believe she is an ancient storyteller.
3 Refuses the Call Mandy rethinks her decision to accompany Jorge any further.
4 Decision Made Decides to ignore advice of others and travels with Jorge.
5 Journey Begins They take off for Uxmal where signs of her awakening develop
6 Trials Almost daily, villains appear and disappear; mysteries abound.
7 Scaling Mountains The mystery of Chip and the jaguar unsettles her belief system.
8 Prep for Final Battle Returns to NYC, but now disillusioned with that life.
9 Treasure Uncovered During meditations while relaxing in Cancun, Mandy sees life as it can be and is no longer afraid.
10 New Life Beckons Settling down in Merida, Jorge at her side.
11 Challenge Accepted Changes name, gives away her riches and former life.
12 Mastery of Treasure Serves as a healer under the direction of The Ancient Maya

An oldie but a goodie

Have you ever used a book to find answers to questions in your life? This one would definitely be a good choice. It’s a little travel, a little life change, a little philosophy, a lot of thought provoking. Just like when you re-watch a movie, you see things you didn’t see the first time; when you reread this, you will see things you didn’t see before. A good literary ‘friend’ to invest in!


Within The Veil: An Adventure in Time by Ruth Lee Scribe


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Within The Veil
~An Adventure in Time



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