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Angel of The Maya

By Ruth Lee


In the tradition of The Celestine Prophecy, Angel of The Maya traces the journey of four American women who travel to the land of The Ancient Maya, live among the Maya of today, interacting with shamans, angels, and saints. Their combined spiritual adventures create a compelling story based on spiritual truths…Designed to help you live a fuller, more peace-filled life.

Ruth Lee introduced us to the Ascended Maya in her first book to teach in a ‘novel’ way, Within the Veil: An Adventure in Time. In Angel of The Maya, Mandy is a minor character, if that is possible.  She purposely expanded her world and work to include friends, artists, healers, and indigenous women in a utopian, communal lifestyle. 

Mandy created a world-class lifestyle for herself and ‘Maya of today’ never conceived as being attainable until now. It’s great fun to watch artists, writers, weavers, super models, shamans, and local tribes work together and thrive as they adopt and adapt ancient Mayan traditions in very modern ways.

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Angel of The Maya is mysterious and at times puzzling…Every time you think you have it figured out—time shifts, moods change, and you’re left wondering if you could live this way, too. The answer is: Yes, you can!!

Can you grow spiritually While reading an adventure story? You bet! If it is Angel of The Maya

Angel of The Maya introduces Wanda, an award-winning weaver, and her super model daughter Teri. The changes in their lives as they delve into their tangled relationship are enough for a novel, but you also meet or catch-up with Mandy and Jorge from Within the Veil ~ An Adventure in Time…as well as Jeanne from Writing in SpiritIt’s a virtual ‘family’ reunion!

Within the Veil: An Adventure in Time was published many years before Angel of The Maya was written—yet it appears to be a sequel. When writing books that teach in ‘novel’ ways, Ruth Lee enters an altered state of consciousness and creates a publishable chapter in little more than an hour. Editing is kept to a minimum, because changes often produce unintended nuances. The challenge in editing The Maya channeled books is the absence of past, present, and future tenses in their dialects. As spiritually--gifted as Ruth Lee is, this presents real challenges whenever adapting material for general readershipAngel of The Maya is another in Ruth Lee’s series of adventure tales designed to guide you through complex worlds of mystery, adventure, and spiritual wonderment. Using Mandy as the archetypical heroine, she created a model world we can all celebrate…and as time passes, the ‘back stories’ of main characters will continue to be published—with just as many startling revelations.

Complex characters painted with minimalist strokes splash across the pages as the story flows through time and space, creating a new world of hope and possibilities. Learn the subtleties of human nature and how to connect with your own inner power as the storyline leads you into a new way of being and cooperating with others.

  Exploring worlds beyond ours can be fun!

The Ascended Maya exist beyond time—hovering just above the horizon—waiting to be explored in this ‘novel’ way. As you slip into different worlds, prepare to ascend to higher planes and meet with them. You will never know what can happen when you enter time and explore life on the other side until you take the plunge.  

Let joy and happiness bubble and flow as you read Angel of The Maya. Experience unique life styles that seemingly thrive without the limitations of time or place…and learn how to ascend when this life ends or time dissolves! 

Ruth Lee’s lyrical prose and singular style defies genre! In Angel of The Maya, she created a self-fulfilling prophesy about a world-class lifestyle never before conceived as attainable until now….A beautiful, utopian society where visionaries can work along with shamans and others in order to build a bold, new world in the land of the ancient Maya. 

Reading an adventure story can increase Spiritual growth
…If that book is Angel of The Maya! 

As you read Angel of The Maya, expect to…

–> Enjoy a lifestyle that supports and empowers you.
–> Develop a deeper relationship with Spirit.
–> Experience miracles every day!
–> Gain greater peace of mind.
–> Decrease stress in your life.

Angel of the Maya by Ruth Lee Scribe


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