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Angel of The Maya

By Ruth Lee



Set in Central America, Angel of The Maya provides a critical view of today’s world, while offering remedies designed to rescue all unable to cope with modern life. You are given wings to fly!

Escape the ordinary—leave behind the humdrum world of making money and trying to be all things to all people! Instead, mingle and work with world-famous artists, celebrities, and The Maya—creating a model world you can celebrate and achieve.

Angel of The Maya portrays the ancient Native American prophecy: “A time will come when the Eagle of the North will fly with the Condor of the South." Angel of The Maya overflows with adventures and spiritual awakenings of ordinary people determined to master the secret teachings of The Ascended Maya—the ancient wisdom keepers who exist beyond time. No one is who he or she seems to be, but all is explained—even the arcane.

Worries recede when you enter the world of Mandy and friends, living among the Maya of today and working with The Ascended Maya of all time. Yes, Mandy is back—creating a workable, world-class communal lifestyle. 

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Angel of The Maya is full of intrigue, suspense, and amazing characters who become your friends before you reach the end. Along the way you meet:

  • Wanda, successful textile artist—tired and depressed by career demands.
  • Terri, super model with keen business sense and intense spirituality.
  • Jeanne, syndicated columnist and bestselling author, unsure why she feels compelled to live and work in Mayaland.
  • Luisa, gifted Mayan cook who adds laughter and miracles to the mix.
  • Jorge, man of mystery and intrigue—always seems to know what will happen before it does.
  • Mandy, high-powered New York stockbroker who gave up her career to live among The Maya in Mexico and wherever.

After only a few pages you will be slipping into one adventure after another—following this unique clan around Mayaland as they prepare to ascend into higher states of being than anyone enjoys now. You, too, can become part of their art!

Join Mandy and friends in Mayaland now! The life lessons they master about time, as well as miracles, cling to your consciousness…and will bring you back many times to re-read Angel of The Maya. Click here to read more about Angel of The Maya.


Angel of the Maya by Ruth Lee Scribe


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Angel of The Maya

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