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Without knowing what will be covered, hundreds have already signed up for a ground-breaking series of six classes provided by Ruth Lee. Never before has The Scribe provided such an event! In the past she created several free classes, but never an entire series of six hour-long classes at no cost to you!

Classes Start January 12, 2016

Although little is now known about what the course will cover—hundreds have signed up and eagerly await January 12, 2016, when the first class begins at 8:00pm EST. If you haven’t enrolled yet for The Gift of Wisdom classes, click here.

The following is The Gift of Wisdom mission statement received by The Scribe:

The classes will cover materials never before talked about in the presence of so many people who have yet to know about The Teachers and their work. It is a divine time and one that will transfer information from mind-to-mind without interference. You will have nothing to work on or worry about, but later will refer back to the classes as the most interesting you ever took and had given to you for merely participating with others.

This is not the time to deliver the messages of each class, that is reserved for those who participate, but all who are now willing to spend time with The Scribe will find it the best use of their lives at that moment in time.

Many thanks to The Scribe for providing this windfall of enormous benefit to all involved. You are hereby being warned that this is the last time Ruth Lee will provide such classes. If you have not signed up for the FREE Gift of Wisdom classes, click here.

Although Ruth Lee has yet to scribe the classes, she believes they will include work designed to help you better understand The Books of Wisdom created by The Teachers of the Higher Planes.

For those who like to read ahead, pull out the first Book of Wisdom: We Are Here ~ The Teachers of the Higher Planes, and start reviewing or reading it for the first time  If you need a copy, check it out here.

Be Sure to Mark Your Calendar

Even though the six FREE classes will be recorded and available for replay, you will not want to miss that special electrical charge created by the group working in Spirit.  Here are the dates so you don’t miss a single class.

  • January 12 and 26, 2016
  • February 9 and 23, 2016
  • March 8 and 22, 2016

Remember: Each class starts at 8pm EST

Private Sessions

After more than 20 years’ service offering her unique spiritual gifts to The World, Ruth Lee no longer accepts new clients for private work. Those who worked with her in the past may continue to make use of her unique work in Spirit at this time. If you or someone you love is experiencing a life challenge or trauma that requires her services immediately, contact Ruth Lee at

Notice to All Current Clients of Ruth Lee, Scribe 

You may continue working with The Scribe as in the past—relative to spiritual counseling, weekly executive and entrepreneurial coaching, and dream interpretations. If you have any questions relative to how to connect and procedures to follow, contact Ruth Lee at:

Retreats & Tours

Of all the services provided by Ruth Lee over the years, none are as in demand as traveling with her and participating in her now-famous Spiritual Retreats. All who attended know how demanding these events were for The Scribe and how much fun and inspiriting they were for all involved…but alas, there are no plans for another retreat.

Since tours do not entail much work on the part of The Scribe—you are merely invited to travel along with her and those who love her work, it is likely there will be other tours. You would be informed of tours via the LeeWay Today newsletter. Be sure to sign up to be included on that list of participants.

Because these past retreats and tours of foreign lands with Ruth Lee were so much fun, as well as inspirational, an album depicting just a few of the retreats and tours…and some of the participants and their comments are provided here. Click to view.

For those who rely on the testimony of others to determine how working with Ruth Lee and her scribed materials will benefit them…Here is what a few students reported about their personal experiences.

Since 2006, I have been blessed beyond measure by attending online classes led by Scribe Ruth Lee that provided vital information from The Teachers of the Higher Plains and other spiritual beings who work through The Scribe. These classes helped me overcome stresses of my busy life, deepen my connection to God, and learn spiritual practices which I use daily.

The practical application and spiritual lessons I learned from Ruth Lee in these courses helped me become a happier, healthier person, achieve more success in my career, and create more harmony within my family. If you have the opportunity to participate in a class with Ruth Lee, do it! Your life will change in unexpected and miraculous ways. Mine did!

~Lynne Klippel, author, publisher,

Thank you so much, Ruth, for all of your classes, seminars, retreats, coaching, and more over the years. I appreciate all of the teachings, wisdom, and truths you share. They are invaluable to me and have helped me stay on track with my life goals and objectives. All my life I’ve been looking for this type of clear guidance and support. I’m so happy I found you! Thank you for helping me be the best I can be, to let go of what’s no longer needed, and helping me create a bright future where it is easy to be me.

~ Sarah Ritchie, Ontario, Canada,

It remains a great mystery how each class affects every individual at such a heartfelt and pertinent level — but they always do! Without exception the material is eye-opening, challenging, and always on target with respect to what the student needs to move toward achieving a greater sense of balance, inner peace, creative power, and freedom from fear.

The combination of depth and practicality in Ruth Lee’s classes is amazing …whether the focus of concentration is working with dreams, enlarging one’s perception of time, tapping into artistic abilities, developing careers, or healing. Ruth always delivers material that is fundamental to conquering difficulties in life, drawing upon students’ vast inner guidance, and fostering their growth into all they aspire to achieve and be.

~ Julie Powell, Cotacachi, Ecuador

How long would it have taken me to reach this state of confidence and harmony in my life? I often wonder if I would ever have the degree of success and freedom I now enjoy. I have learned so much from the classes and coaching that I have received from Ruth Lee!

It has made all the difference, and I give her full credit for pushing me to do my best and always holding my feet to the fire. I have moved out of countless comfort zones to move up and out of ruts, scaled the heights of life’s mountains, and plumbed the craggy depths—with Ruth’s encouraging words always ringing in my ears:  “You Can Do It Kath… Just do it!”

~ Kathy Safchick, Pittsburgh, PA

The webinar, “Handling the Stress of Success,” helped me make major inroads into my worry patterns and all the negativity that goes with it. I learned so much about how to make a deeper connection to my inner guidance to achieve practical results. Prosperity flowed to me in huge amounts throughout the course. There is no denying it was a result of that energy!

I absolutely love the webinar format, especially when you are guided to certain pictures to view along with the lessons. I feel myself being rewired in each session. I get more out of any of your programs than I get from programs teaching the nuts and bolts of business.

I highly recommend any course Ruth Lee teaches, because you will never be the same by the end! You will definitely change for the better! You easily connect to your heart and can feel transformed without a lot of fanfare…more like a whisper.

~Sharon Wilson, Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer,

I took a journaling class with Ruth Lee many years ago and still journal today. It was my first introduction to the value of journaling—and it made an impact on my life. In addition to keeping a journal to capture my thoughts and feelings, I also capture my dreams and Write in Spirit, all by taking a variety of classes with Ruth.

I have taken several meditation classes as well. Again, I learned “life lessons” from Ruth’s teachings. I have learned a lot from Ruth on how to meditate—various techniques, as well as how to breathe properly when you meditate. Meditation is one of the key basic practices for any spiritual journey.

This is my journey—not Ruth’s, but I’m so happy to have some help along the way. She has been that spiritual advisor for me for many years. I am truly thankful for her advice, her time, and her responsiveness to my requests for help and support.  You can count on Ruth to be there for you and with you.

~ Penny Sanchez, Virginia Beach, VA

Ruth’s classes helped me get rid of fear that creeps into my day, by giving me tools to rapidly dismiss the fear from my mind. I use Ruth’s classes for the “edge” I need to be clear in my goals and to help my clients be clear in their goals as well. She helps me be fearless, so I can move forward with my business instead of running in place—or worse—moving backwards.

Before I took my first class with Ruth Lee Scribe, I tried to meditate, and no matter what I tried, I could not get my mind to quiet down. After participating in her classes and using Ruth’s meditation CD, I am able to meditate daily for at least 20 minutes—up to one hour. With a quiet mind, thoughts still pop up – BUT they float away more easily now.

~ AJ Van Wallendael, Executive Business Advisor

I have been privileged to work with Ruth Lee in many classes and seminars. Because of these experiences, I feel I have grown as a person and gotten in touch with my spiritual self. Most of the classes I attended related to problems that occur in our daily lives, and were designed to teach us how to deal with real situations in order to improve ourselves and better our relations with others. I look forward to the time when I can once again work with Ruth.

~ Marge Porter, Allison Park, PA

A few years ago my whole life changed as I was guided to meet Ruth Lee and receive my first counseling session and introduction to my Spiritual Guides. The most comforting words “WE ARE ALL HERE”, awakened the sleeper in me. A feeling of peace I had never known before settled within, and my deeper spiritual journey began.

Participating in Ruth’s classes is always something I feel called to do, find irreplaceable value in, and always appears as the next logical step in my path. My experience truly cannot be properly expressed in words, as it is my own personal, discovered treasure, and is written forever in my soul. I cannot say what your personal experience will be, though I am absolutely sure it will be profound in many meaningful ways.

~ Rebecca Nichols, Artist and Designer

The Books of Wisdom, Volume 1: We Are Here The Teachers of the Higher Planes, Ruth Lee Scribe
The Books of Wisdom, Volume 2: The Work Begins The Teachers of the Higher Planes, Ruth Lee Scribe
The Books of Widsom, Volume 3: The Art of Life: Living Together in Harmony The Teachers of the Higher Planes, Ruth Lee Scribe
The Books of Wisdom, Volume 4: Now is The Time The Teachers of the Higher Planes, Ruth Lee Scribe
Books of Wisdom, Volume 5: The World of Tomorrow The Teachers of the Higher Planes, Ruth Lee Scribe
The Books of Wisdom, Volume 6: Bliss Is It! The Teachers of the Higher Planes, Ruth Lee Scribe
Jeanne's Story: Writing in Spirit by Ruth Lee, Scribe
Writing in Spirit Workbook by Ruth Lee Scribe
Within The Veil: An Adventure in Time by Ruth Lee Scribe

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