Writing in Spirit ~ Jeanne’s Story



Jeanne's Story: Writing in Spirit by Ruth Lee, Scribe

Writing in Spirit
~ Jeanne’s Story

By Ruth Lee


The Writing in Spirit Trilogy begins with Jeanne’s Story and ends with her achieving a life’s dream by developing her spiritual life. Like so many women, Jeanne wanted it all, but found herself mired in dead-end jobs and meaningless relationships.  Everything changed when she became aware she was not alone.

Tired of false friends and about to give up on love, she adopts a child and moves into a career she alone developed.  An enviable life style evolves that attracts all she seeks in life. Not all successful women are like her, but there is a little bit of Jeanne in all women. 

While writing in her journal, Jeanne discovers she can Write in Spirit and receive messages of such great wisdom and honesty that she has difficulty accepting them as being written by her own hand. She learns to trust her inner motivation and wisdom and thus a whole new, wonderful world unfolds before her.

Jeanne’s Story lets you peek into Jeanne’s diary as she explores her inner life and outer world, expressing her thoughts and feelings while Writing in Spirit. As you bear witness to her personal and spiritual evolution, you find yourself confirming her theories—perhaps putting them into practice. 

Regardless of your ethical belief system or religion, Jeanne’s explorations of mind and spirit can enhance your relationships, as well as deepen your convictions and connections to Spiritual work. Click here to read more about Writing in Spirit ~ Jeanne’s Story.


Writing in Spirit - Jeanne's Story by Ruth Lee Scribe

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