The Word of The Maya



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The Word of The Maya

Scribed by Ruth Lee



Discover a distinctly different world-view and philosophy of life. Knowledge imparted in The Word of The Maya provides a unique and sublime perspective on the phenomenon of time, the nature of the mind, and insights into how to ace the tests of living successfully here and now. Let go and dare to enter The World of The Maya and step into time!

Do you want to be more alive than ever before? Do you want to explore spirituality in a far different way than most study it today? Do you feel an urge to read The Word of The Maya immediately? If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, you are ready to study with The Maya now!

It is easier to demonstrate how The Word of The Maya can benefit your life, than it is to describe what it does to you. It really does produce mysterious changes within you—but it is not magic! Even if you did not fully comprehend The Maya’s message at first, you would still feel something moving within you—readjusting your views of life as you live it today.

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The Maya describe the end of Today and what to expect after that, but it is up to you to seek them out, follow their direction, and adjust their wisdom to fit your life. Not to worry…The Maya clearly define how to fulfill your life’s purpose, as well as how to ascend when this life ends. As human beings, we need all the help we can get—from this world and worlds above it!

The Word of The Maya is a profound and original body of work. Ruth Lee channeled this material from The Ascended Maya after scribing The Books of Wisdom for The Teachers of the Higher Planes. Mayan teachers, although not physically present, are also aware of our struggles to understand life here on Earth now. Click here to read more about The Word of The Maya.


The Word of The Maya, Ruth Lee, Scribe

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The Word of The Maya

Scribed by Ruth Lee



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