Full Circle of Meditation



Full Circle of Meditation by Ruth Lee, Scribe


Full Circle of Meditation
By Ruth Lee, Scribe


Meditation as practiced and taught by Ruth Lee is all about peace and self-knowledge. Discovering and exploring the wonderment of realizing you are never without guidance from your spiritual source–0nce you can discipline your mind and body to relax and not worry or obsess on anything for a short time.

Her advice is to lose no time arguing about religion, politics, or culture—instead concentrate on the here and now, as well as how to truly enjoy the  marvels of life.  

Mandala Art on WallDon’t miss out enjoying every minute of this intense moment in time! Connect with your spiritual source and let go as you enter the flow of eternity. 

Meditation is described as an art by those who study culture and philosophy, but it is more a craft than an art, because with practice anyone can master meditation!

To prove this point, repeatedly follow the basic instructions provided by Ruth Lee in either of the two 20-minute classes provided in Full Circle of Meditation and receive the benefits of entering your personal zone of inner peace.

Full Circle of Meditation CD
Track 1- Healing Breath
Track 2- Ancient Tibetan Mantra

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Let Ruth Lee help you master the Healing Breath. In addition to breathing more deeply, learn how to chant the ancient Tibetan mantra Om, mani padme, hum. Two easy meditation classes that can quickly change your life—as taught by Ruth Lee!

You need to be healthy to become wealthy and enjoy the good life—AND you need peace of mind to have it all! Learn to relax and breathe properly so you can enjoy living from the inside out. 

Meditation safely frees your minds of all stress and anxiety!

Full Circle of Meditation by Ruth Lee, Scribe

Full Circle of Meditation
CD contains two 20-minute classes

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Use these powerful meditations daily and let miracles happen!

Step into a world of deep relaxation and peace designed to renew your energy and induce feelings of contentment and compassion. Learn to channel this energy into healing every aspect of your life by simply concentrating on your breath—then sit back and watch as your enjoyment of life increases.  To read more about the two classes that make up the Full Circle of Meditation, click here.

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Healing is Only a Breath Away by Ruth Lee, Scribe

IF in poor health…Be sure to order

Healing is Only a Breath Away
by Ruth Lee, Scribe


Healing is Only a Breath Away  by Ruth Lee inspired thousands when it debuted as a tele-seminar. It includes deep breathing and visualization exercises as well as instructions on how to use meditation to heal the mind and body. 

To promote even deeper levels of healing, in addition to practicing deep breathing in the “Healing Breath” exercise included in the Full Circle of Meditation, it is wise to include it with your meditations while practicing Healing is Only a Breath Away.  It induces a state of relaxation and frees your mind of worry and anxiety so the body can more readily heal itself. To read more about Healing is Only a Breath Away, click here

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