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Can You Pray?
~ We Are All Here To Seek The Way

by Ruth Lee, Scribe


If you are searching for truth and want to work on your life alone, Can You Pray? ~ We Are All Here To Seek the Way may be the perfect book for you. The theme and intent is ‘Be all you can be!’ Every page contains amazing truths—every page another life lesson—enjoy!

A member of the group meeting with Ruth Lee in 1997 recalls: “I was there years ago when a woman known as ‘The Scribe’ asked others—and me—if we would like to participate in an experiment she was called to undertake. She did not know exactly what all was involved, but I was eager to do it… I believe people today want an uplifting view of humanity, and I believe I witnessed the creation of a work of great wisdom that provides that kind of wisdom for all time. Can You Pray? ~ We Are All Here To Seek the Way, first published in 2002, is one version of a series of channeled sessions scribed by Ruth Lee during the summer of 1997. During these sessions saints of this world and teachers from higher planes convened to create a type of inter-dimensional dialogue with Ruth Lee and others who volunteered for this mission.

Working before a group witnessing the proceedings, Ruth Lee produced a body of work that provides great wisdom for people of all ages. Together, all involved explored a new way of working as a group to receive wisdom from worlds beyond this one.

All who participated were asked to bear witness to the proceedings, as well as participate to a limited degree in this extraordinary experiment.

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Their physical presence was required to hold fast an electro-magnetic force field large enough to accept and transmit great energy and reduce power surges as The Scribe rapidly typed and read simultaneously the text being delivered through her.

In this way Teachers and Saints were able to reach across space and time to work and interact with average human beings. The materials left behind from this experiment constitute a great treasure!

You be the judge if this book is for you!

Truth is subjective since it encompasses perceptions established on individual experience, as well as personal realizations felt at a cellular level. Our inner beings know the truth, even if our conscious minds say it cannot be. Add to this fact that each person is at a different place and space in their spiritual development—no surprise that some may be reluctant to read Can You Pray? ~ We Are All Here To Seek the Way now, while others immediately confirm its wisdom—and use it daily. Click here to read more about Can You Pray?

If you decide there is more to life than what you see…


Can You Pray? We Are All Here to Seek the Way by Ruth Lee, Scribe

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Can You Pray?
~ We Are All Here To Seek the Way


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