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We take the needs of our Readers and Book Club Members very seriously. If you have questions, suggestions, or need additional information.
Email:   BookClubs@LeeWayPublishing.com

LeeWay Publishing remains committed to the publication and distribution of materials scribed and created by Ruth Lee, Scribe. We do not accept submissions from other sources at this time.

Inquiries relative to all other business matters
Email:   Information@LeeWayPublishing.com

Ruth Lee, Scribe
Inquiries relative to:

CLASSES AND SEMINARS –Announced on this website, as well as LeeWay Today newsletters. Be sure to sign up now to receive our newsletters!

COACHING AND COUNSELING – Available only to past and present clients.   Email:  TheScribe@LeeWayPublishing.com

DREAM WEAVER — Dream Interpretations still available.
Email:  DreamWeaver@LeeWayPublishing.com

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