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The Word of The Maya 

Scribed by Ruth Lee



The Word of The Maya, transmitted from spheres far beyond this world, arrived in time to assist those ready to explore the vast, uncharted dimensions of the mind, Spirit, and time in order to ascend to higher planes.

The Ascended Maya who transmitted these lessons through Ruth Lee are Masters of Time and acutely aware our lives on Earth are at a critical junction in time and space where their wisdom can provide vital insights necessary to ascend and move into higher planes when the opportunity arises.

Throughout history tribes once successful and reverent became plagued with carnal problems that defied and/or defiled The Holy Spirit which originally held them together. Whatever the prevailing culture, The Ascended Maya arrived at such times in order to help those who are ready to ascend to higher planes.

Today’s world is approaching a critical point where humanity must once again choose to awaken to its highest potential or risk being destroyed. No need for you to be left behind!

Not only does The Word of The Maya reveal time-honored ways of awakening your spiritual abilities, it also illuminates the path of ascension for you. Use it as a guide! The Ascended Maya dictated this ingenious workbook in order to help seekers develop their creativity and learn to rely on their inner wisdom.

You, too, can learn how to enrich your spiritual life so perfectly you can ascend from this plane and enter higher dimensions when called—or at the end of this life. To better understand your unique role in this world, enter time as defined by The Ascended Maya and more easily align your body, mind, and Spirit in order to break free of earthly limitations now.

The Ascended Maya want you to achieve your dreams and succeed in life, but it is up to you to decide what direction your journey will take you. Fortunately, you have Spiritual Guides who accompany you through this life and are able to help you find your way back to your life path or create a new one.

If Maya at heart, you now feel a spark within you—a desire to unite with kindred spirits and create sublime work that can be shared with those you love. To quickly rise above obstacles that previously held you back, study The Word of The Maya. This extraordinary and definitive text is all about being who you really are and how to achieve what you came to Earth to do.

As The Maya reveal your future, open to your fullest capacity to be You. Grow ever wiser and possibly learn to fly as only The Ascended Maya do now.

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The Scribe's Hand WritingRuth Lee, working as a Mayan Scribe, trance-scribed The Word of The Maya, without conscious thought, then lightly edited the original manuscript for publication—All you have do is read and let The Maya introduce you to The Mysteries of Life here on Earth and the worlds above it!

Excerpts From:

The Word of The Maya

Opening words of introduction: “The world is not round nor is it going to stop rotating now, but there are some things you must know in order to leave it easily and never come back or have to redo work you put together ever so carefully over time. We, The Maya, speak of what is going to happen in ways only a few will be able to immediately discover within these pages, others must study longer. We speak in waves over many pages to all who wish to see a better way of life now and over time.

“Today, look at what you are and what you came to Earth to be. Do you agree with the things you were taught when young? If not, what have you done to increase your abilities and your life so far? Are you wise and able to answer all of our questions without wondering why we ask them—and who has the answers? You will go far if you answer, ‘I have to wait and see.’ You cannot agree with what you have not read or been taught, so hold onto whatever you believe now—then read and decide if you need to update your own work inside.” 

Page 6: “If your own work is not good, what do you think of others? You think they do not work as you do. You think they are full of designs to drink wine and not work, if you do. You believe some cheat and scam others, because that is what you believe is smart to do. You think others want money, because you do. You gamble your life’s work in order to sport a watch or a car or whatever, but who else wants one but you? No one. You are who decides what others want from you.”

Page 27: “You will realign within to others who lived within your time, but not as a body. You represent the body of Christ, but you are not the body realized at this time. You are all in this time to realize you have bodies and spines that can be overdoing many things that in simpler times would have helped you, and this is the time to realign within you and use the spine to begin to channel that which is outside of you.”

Page 112: “You will find that you are not the only Maya this time who is not living in Mexico or Guatemala, but you will find there are many others who are around who are also tribal and seem to appeal to you now, as well as the Maya at times. What do you make of that? You are partial to others who are a lot like you, or you are not a Maya and have been a friend to one in the past who taught you to do what you do. If you doubt that is true, try to think of a club on Earth you love and would want to join, but they do not admit you. What do you do? Do you pine or try to live like them all the time? That is what you will do when you find out that some will never be Maya but you may be one.”

Page 142: “Corporate people never look at the crowds of people who flock around artists and such, but we do. Artists disdainfully stay as far from the market as they can until they need funds, but we know you see them travel and eat and have fun. What do you know about the tribe you go around with now? Are you the leader? Are you a scribe and write to everyone in your family all the time to keep them posted about what is going on now? Are you the clown who eliminates the static when others become too close to happily fit in one room? Are you the deserter who is unwilling to admit you do have a family and have to commit? Which role best describes you?”

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The Word of The Maya

The Word of The Maya, Ruth Lee, Scribe


The Word of The Maya 

Scribed by Ruth Lee



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