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Jeanne's Story: Writing in Spirit by Ruth Lee, Scribe

Writing in Spirit
~ Jeanne’s Story

Everyone is talking about Jeanne…Are you?

All Fairy Tales Extol the Virtues of Being a Princess—not a Queen. I Agree Being a Queen is Best….

The most significant sentence that touched me from the book was, “We’re not here to end all suffering, but to advance without harming others.” (Pg. 356) I think this is what Jeanne sees in Brian — living a life of being harmless. The beauty of being with someone daily who is harmless in body, mind and spirit. This is what we imagine fellowship in Heaven will be. Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Harmless, obedient, loving people free from jealousy, fear, unkind words and deeds.

I think when there is no more jealousy and fear the lies will stop. I believe the lies we tell ourselves and others destroy more than anything. In our search for truth we search for correct discernment. I see Jeanne doing that a lot. We are surrounded by people on different levels of discernment. In her journaling, she takes the time to examine her ability to discern. Few people take the time to focus, to know their own thoughts/self, they are sidetracked, guessing someone else’s.

It’s a full-time job correcting our own flawed filter system. Ah, to have the mind of God— to see the world clearly, a truly exciting journey. Following the search for truth will keep us humble because we don’t know what we don’t know until we get revelation.

Another interesting sentence on Pg. 182: “We were honest as kids, but learned to lie, because the truth hurts people and causes trouble.” This is true until we have spiritual eyes and an attitude to advance spiritually. Then we embrace the truth even when it temporarily stings. My daughter Laura has a funny way of saying it. “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.” She has my husband’s way of expressing herself that we find humorous coming out of a Barbie doll.

When I look back on my life, I now appreciate the uncomfortable truths people told me… in time for me to correct my direction. I also wonder why some people either didn’t have enough courage or love for me to tell me the truth. I also know the guilt I felt when I didn’t tell the truth and it led to much difficulty.

Interesting: “All your fairy tales extol the virtues of being a princess—not a queen. I agree being a queen is best…. (Pg. 192)

~ Janice B., Cheswick PA 

An Amazing Story of Love and Spirit!

Ruth Lee’s Writing in Spirit: Jeanne’s Story  explores human relationships between individuals and within oneself. Jeanne is a highly intelligent and accomplished writer with enough love in her heart to take on raising a boy with Down’s syndrome on her own. She is ever curious about the many people she encounters who are unable to be good friends or to love with the depth that she does, but as she writes daily in her personal journal she discovers answers arise from her own intuitive and spiritual levels within. Much is revealed about modern day relationships. Particularly keen are the insights on relationships between men and women. As Jeanne struggles with the decision of whether or not to marry her movie star beau, she examines important questions which all smart women must ask themselves when considering what life changes and consequences will result if they decide to say yes to marriage. A fascinating read from Ruth Lee, one of America’s most singularly gifted writers who teaches in a ‘novel’ way.   

~ Julie Powell

Intriguing Story Line – Helps us understand what a scribe does and how Spirit communicates

At times I was so awe-struck I stopped and had to reread a passage about 25 times. That is how her message hit me! I have gone back many times to reconnect myself and her writings. This book is what the public needs to understand and appreciate Ruth’s spiritual devotion to Spirit. Each and every person who takes the time to read this book, will undoubtedly be inspired, and hopefully find spirit within themselves. Ruth signed my book, and I treasure that! Not only is the cover divinely inspired, so is all of Ruth’s work. Buy the book, and may you be inspired as I have been. I could not put the book down, read it within 5 days!

~ Lucy Rouse, The Chaplet Lady

I’m Loving This Book!

I can’t wait to finish the book…there is so much wisdom and everyday practical advice on love relationships, child rearing, your job, etc. I thought your last book, Bliss is It! was great, but I think this one might become my favorite. One question, on page 82 it says: “What you do about your being and your life isn’t a problem unless it conflicts with my life or my being. If it does, who gets the best? I do. I’ll take care of me, and you take care of you, but you should not ask me to take care of you, too.” I have one idea what this means, but would like to hear from you. Thanks.  

~ Millicent Smith

Inspired writing…inspiring to read

Jeanne’s Story reminded me…I need to get back to journaling! When I was growing up, I used to write down my thoughts a lot. It made me feel grounded and more focused. I felt like I had some control of my life. My Aunt taught me to do it; she told me it was like talking to God. This book was fascinating and I loved it, but mostly it reminded me to get back to writing every day. I understand there is going to be a workbook available that compliments this book. I would be very interested in ordering one.  

~ Lorezo Savvy

Right Place at the right time

This is one of those books that ‘speaks‘ to you. You know, there may be some things rumbling around in your mind that concern you but aren’t on your front burner. You’ll be reading along and all of a sudden, you read something that clicks with a situation in your life. It’s a worthwhile, easy, enjoyable read, and may give you answers to some of the things going on in your life. This will also be in your re-read pile – for ‘answers’ you may have missed the first time. 

~ Cheryl Devecka

I love this book!

I love this book. I found myself going ah ha! with almost every chapter. A great read to find yourself in other characters. 

~ Leila Ghaznavi

Writing in Spirit: Jeanne’s Story

Ruth Lee’s writing is unique, a style combining Scripture, Buddha, and her own beautiful, flowing prose!  A must read! 

~ AJ Van Wallendael “Small Business Washington”

The Importance of Writing in Spirit

I loved the story of Jeanne and her adopted special-needs child. Jeanne is conflicted in her everyday life, but the story illustrates the importance of connecting with Spirit through writing to help with the problems of everyday life. It also reminds me to begin again to write in spirit as I had done in the past, but for some reason did not continue.  

~ Margaret Porter

It Lit a Fire!!!

Jeanne’s Story lit a fire under me. I often wondered what it would be like to be able to interact with my guidance system this way, but I just didn’t know how to do it. I read Writing in Spirit….in literally 1 week…. which isn’t easy working a full schedule. But I was enthralled by Jeanne’s life and how she was able to figure out everyday problems simply by using her journaling ritual. Talking to my Spirit Guides this way is kinda new to me, but since reading this book I do it everyday, and maybe one day soon with practice I will be able to Write in Spirit just like Jeanne. Thanks again, and kudos for helping me along on my journey. 

~ Kathleen at Uforia Salon and Spa

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Writing in Spirit - Jeanne's Story by Ruth Lee Scribe

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