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The Books of Wisdom, Volume 1: We Are Here The Teachers of the Higher Planes, Scribed by Ruth Lee


We Are Here


Ruth Lee, Scribe


Readers in the past constantly proclaimed that We Are Here ~ The Teachers of the Higher Planes is in your face, powerful, hard-hitting, life-changing and full of insights on every aspect of life. Twenty years later they are still raving about it! We appreciate hearing from you, as well as reading your Rave Reviews on Amazon and elsewhere, too.

What if the cure for the world’s present imbalance was available right now? What if it were within our reach? These questions are addressed by universal teachers who are not actually here physically on Earth, but have been sent to help mankind through these times.

‘How’s that?’ you may ask.  The work of The Teachers of the Higher Planes lets us begin to see ourselves and our world from a higher point of view and teaches ways to turn around those things which have been contributing to our own rapid demise, as well as seriously harming our host planet.

Through the work of their human spiritual scribe, Ruth Lee, The Teachers have channeled six books with amazing insights on life here on Earth, as well as what we need to do to prepare to pass beyond our current global problems, reach fulfillment in our individual lives, and move into brighter spheres at the end of this lifetime.

We Are Here is the first volume in the Books of Wisdom series.  All is given in hopes that we will be able to understand and apply the material to change everything for the better and come into closer alignment with the wise who dwell in realms above and beyond this level of existence.

This book is at once fascinating, disturbing, and uplifting. It is unlike any other book available in these times. Don’t miss this extraordinary work and the messages it holds for humanity now.

~Julie Powell, Cotacachi, Ecuador

This amazing book began my spiritual journey…

It was the first time in my life I truly understood: Why I am here, and what I can do with my life! We Are Here brought me peace of mind and the determination to immediately redirect my business, my family, and even my community into a better way of living.

I startled others—as well as myself—by forming a group of kindred souls called “Earth Angels for Clean Water”. Our mission as a team was to clean up the local waterways around our area. Our efforts then inspired other groups to do the same. 

A must read!  We Are Here explains why we must move quickly to save the planet, as well as ourselves. 

~ Kathleen Safchick, Owner Uforia Salon and Spa, Pittsburgh, PA USA

I could not put this book down!

We Are Here is the first book in a series scribed by Ruth Lee called “The Books of Wisdom”… We are urged to be caretakers of our world and never contaminate or destroy our water or our earth. We need to follow their instructions for future generations. This is our goal and We Are Here shows us the way. This book is very important and informative as it tells us what we need to do to be able to ascend at the end of our life to a higher plane. This is a goal we all should have. I could not put this book down. After I completed it, I had to read it again. 

~ Margaret Porter, Retired Teacher

I Found Answers…

I remember listening to the wisdom of the taped version of “We Are Here” day-in and day-out.  I was searching for answers to:

  • Why was I here?
  • What was my life purpose?
  • How could I best serve others and make a good income doing it?

The advice and work of Ruth Lee, and The Teachers of the Higher Planes, is the single most significant beacon to help me become a Master Spiritual Life Coach, training thousands to become life coaches. I now live the life of my dreams! Run—run to buy this amazing book and then send one to everyone you know!!!!

~ Sharon Wilson -CEO, www.coachingfromspirit.com

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We Are Here ~ The Teachers of the Higher Planes

The Books of Wisdom, Volume 1: We Are Here The Teachers of the Higher Planes, Ruth Lee Scribe


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The Books of Wisdom, Volume 1: We Are Here The Teachers of the Higher Planes, Ruth Lee Scribe

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