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The Books of Wisdom, Volume 4: Now is The Time The Teachers of the Higher Planes, Ruth Lee Scribe


Now is The Time

Ruth Lee, Scribe


“The work of Spirit is not difficult if you are in tune with your own inner being, but if you are not, you need help. We are here to help you develop and work out your problems so you can fly when it comes time to leave this world behind.” ~ The Teachers of the Higher Planes

You need neither clocks nor timers to succeed. You are here to complete spiritual work only you can do—not amass a fortune or fame. Now is The Time by The Teachers of the Higher Planes digs deep and covers many areas as it unravels the mysteries of life for your use here and now.

As always, The Teachers clearly demonstrate how to improve your understanding of spiritual work, as well as its relationship to your everyday life. Remember: It is your mission to be you in every way possible today—but the good news is you have enough time to do it right—the first time!

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Now is The Time

Opening words: “Who you are is not a problem for most, but where you are going is the stumbling block.  Why you want to succeed is obvious and how to get there is, too, but where you want to end up seems to be your lifelong pursuit—rather than the beginning of a lifelong pursuit. Why?

“When you are the only one on Earth, you fear no one; but if one other appears, you begin to sense you have competition. This sense of being in competition then brings you to the point where you decide within yourself whether or not you should fight or take flight. Birds will take flight and man tends to fight, but woman will usually settle into a battle that may take years to determine who is first in line.

“If a woman is not in the prime of her life she may let others take precedence over her and lead, but all others struggle to dominate. The picture of women being docile and complacent is erroneous. Women are and always have been fighters, and fighters are not known to take captives.

“What a woman needs to do in order to become all she can be is learn to adjust to others who also want the same goals and permit them to also seek such goals in peace and harmony. What no woman needs is aggravating circumstances or people around her who prod or push and make demands. She can do that to herself well enough.”

Page 34: “Talking continuously to people can be of help or it can be a hindrance to all concerned.  Determine first if you are helping or not, and then cut out all chatter. Chatter is our word for ‘not of any use’.  You can be of use to us if you have nothing else you need to do, but first be sure you have your own life in order before you ask to work on Godly projects.”

Page 61: If your life seems to fit you now, fully proceed to the next problem. Once a problem is successfully accomplished, you never have to go back to it again, but if you slide by and ignore important aspects of a problem, it will return again and again until you do all the work required to solve it. Why not do it the first time around?”

Page 80: “Life is for the worker. If you do not work in spirit, you will not live. Be sure of all you want and it is yours. Be afraid of anyone, and they have power over you. Do not envy anyone anything and you will have everything. Life really is simple!”

Page 113: “The work of this world is not permanent. It is like a blackboard, and you fill it with work and then erase it, fill it again, and again, and erase it again. You never know when the last lesson is done, but you can still work. The world today is not interested in working hard. It is instead interested in doing less and playing more. You can fall into this trap or not. It is your choice. You can fall into many traps, but they are put there by you. So why would you fall into a trap of your own making?”

Remember:  Now Is The Time changes minds!

The Books of Wisdom, Volume 4: Now is The Time The Teachers of the Higher Planes, Ruth Lee Scribe


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The Books of Wisdom, Volume 4: Now is The Time The Teachers of the Higher Planes, Ruth Lee Scribe

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