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Jeanne's Story: Writing in Spirit by Ruth Lee, Scribe

Writing in Spirit

Volume 2 of The Writing in Spirit Trilogy

By Ruth Lee

I was astounded…

I have been a writer and publisher for more than ten years now. I was astounded at how profoundly The Writing in Spirit Workbook improved my own writing. Whether you are a novice or an experienced writer, you will greatly benefit from these writing exercises.  They are fun too!

~ Lynne Klippel, Author and Publisher, Ecuador, SA

I highly recommend this workbook, as well as ‘Jeanne’s Story’

I’ve been working with the Writing in Spirit Workbook for about a month and can honestly say I am getting it. I have been trying for a long time to discipline myself to the ritual of daily journaling. 

The system taught in the Workbook gets the job done! Lots of little tips…and questions that need to be answered from deep within. I really believe I will master this technique one day if I stay the course and practice daily.

Many think they can Write in Spirit, but do they really? I believe it takes persistence and practice, and this workbook focuses my efforts quite well. I highly recommend the original book and this workbook….a great gift for friends and family.

~ Kathy Safchick, Owner of Uforia Salon and Spa, Monroeville, PA USA

Peacful Feeling 

Couldn’t wait, I just completed Lesson One of the Writing in Spirit Workbook and felt such a wonderful peace as I finished it. I can’t wait to see how I will change by the time I’m done with this Workbook.

Millicent Smith, Author and Spiritual Teacher, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Can someone Write in Spirit? ABSOLUTELY!

If you want to open up to the power within you, this book will help you see why Writing in Spirit is the answer!  The original story (Writing in Spirit ~ Jeanne’s Story) is a page turner and easily relates to men or women.  It sneaks up on you as you realize you are being prepared to open up your ability to Write in Spirit.  The Writing in Spirit Workbook shows you how.

I LOVE all of Ruth Lee’s books…and once you get this one, you will want them all, too!

Sharon Wilson, Founder of Coaching in Spirit, Pittsburgh, PA USA

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Writing in Spirit Workbook

Writing in Spirit Workbook by Ruth Lee Scribe

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Writing in Spirit


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Don’t wait to learn how to Write in Spirit! Quickly adopt and adapt new methods of accessing your spiritual life in order to increase your productivity, as well as your creativity and effectiveness begin immediately to use the powerful insights in the Writing in Spirit Workbook by practicing its lessons…plus many others in the Writing in Spirit Official Notebook.

Writing in Spirit Official Notebook

 Writing in Spirit
Official Notebook

Volume 3 of the Writing in Spirit Trilogy


Mastering the art of writing is a life-long endeavor which can enhance your life in many ways. Both the beginner and experienced writer can benefit from the creative and inspiring exercises in this notebook. You can create a work of art—both with your life and your writing! 

Keep in Mind: The best way to keep track of your progress over time is to fill out a new notebook each time you redo The Workbook.

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This unique novel lets you peek into Jeanne Beck’s diary as she explores her inner life and outer world, expressing her thoughts and feelings while Writing in Spirit. As you bear witness to Jeanne’s personal and spiritual evolution, you find yourself confirming her theories—perhaps putting them into practice, too.

Whatever your beliefs, you will recognize that Jeanne’s Story is much more than ‘just a novel’! Let her explorations of mind and spirit enhance your relationships, as well as deepen your ethical convictions and connections to your spiritual work and inner life.

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