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The Books of Wisdom, Volume 2: The Work Begins The Teachers of the Higher Planes, Ruth Lee Scribe


The Work Begins


Ruth Lee, Scribe

The Work Begins is a Must-Read for Discovering the Keys to Achieving a Better Life and a Better World Right Now!

What if you became aware of teachings from a source above and beyond the level from which you have experienced and interpreted your life? What if you were given a much expanded view of yourself and the world around you? What would you do with that information?

The Work Begins is a work from universal teachers beyond our time and space who have been assigned the daunting task of teaching human beings to seize the day and immediately create better lives and a better world.

If you can accept the universe as a vast and multi-dimensional place, perhaps you can accept that there are those on higher planes who work for the good of All. The Teachers are such beings. They are charged with the huge responsibility of helping humanity to awaken from ignorance and indifference while inspiring us to get going on efforts that increase self knowledge, compassion and cooperation for the common good.

Our futures are on the line! In order to move the world in a better direction and bring about far more positive outcomes than we have been able to achieve lately, we must work individually to improve our selves, and work collectively to stop the greed, destruction and warring which corrupt our minds, suppress development of human potential, and destroy our planet.

Today most want to play and very few wish to actually work on improving themselves or the world; but The Teachers make clear that work of a spiritual nature is the key to attain higher consciousness and to mitigate the damage that our unenlightened actions have inflicted upon ourselves and Earth.

~ Julie Powell

Why Are We Here?

If you ever question ‘what is our purpose on Earth?” you need to read, ‘The Work Begins‘ by Ruth Lee, Scribe. It lays out a plan for us by The Teachers of the Higher Planes. We are encouraged to do our best work and to be all that we can be while on Earth, so we can advance to the next plane.

In this most interesting and informative book, we are instructed to take care of our Earth. This is very important because our Earth has become weak and may not be able to sustain us if we need to return to complete tasks that were not done the first time. It has, also, reminded me about the importance of meditating, or listening to God so that we can develop our inner wisdom.

~ Margaret Porter

Are You Using Your Inner Wisdom?

The Work Begins gave a better understanding of what it means to use the wisdom within you. I now find myself evaluating how I live every day, as well as how I work with others. This book continually asks: Are you using your inner wisdom?

~ Kathy Safchick

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The Books of Wisdom, Volume 2: The Work Begins The Teachers of the Higher Planes, Ruth Lee Scribe

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