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Psychic Development for Everyday Use by Ruth Lee Scribe

Psychic Development for Everyday Use
~A Home Study Course~
As Taught by Ruth Lee

When this series of classes was originally offered, only a select few were invited to participate in a live course on Psychic Development for Everyday Living channeled by Ruth Lee, Scribe. It was a huge success even though students had to be there at one specific time, on one special night, and with no replays provided.

They worked hard and they got it! From the beginning, letters started arriving praising the work and thanking Ruth for scribing it for their use. Here are a few of those letters for your review—in the event you are concerned you can’t do this work, too.

Note: When Ruth Lee conducts classes, only first names are used. This is to avoid the possibility people might become too personally involved rather than maintaining the degree of impersonality required for spiritual development.

I now own my psychic gifts and use them daily!

I have benefited from the Psychic Development class in so many ways, but the three things that stand out most are:

  1. Making relaxation a priority has made all the difference in helping me connect with my intuition and use my psychic gifts more effectively.
  2. The LOVE affirmation has been a powerful tool for transformation in my life and relationships.
  3. I now own my psychic gifts and use them daily. I feel much more alive.

~ Bless you, Ruth, for all you do, Terry

I am so glad I gave myself the gift of this class 

I am so glad I gave myself the gift of this class! It has already become my support system. While visualizing, I learned boundaries were important for me. My life was too focused on others. Now I’ve learned to set some boundaries for myself, to name what was important and good for me. I am more spacious and liberated now.

One of my new boundaries is my time to meditate. I claim it as important—more important than many other activities.  Thank you again for facilitating this class for us….I’m sure everyone feels the way I do, as well as—“How did she know I needed to hear this?…hmmm!

~ Best of everything, Linda

My life improved dramatically

My life improved dramatically while I studied psychic development with Ruth Lee. I found I made wiser decisions, could tell when someone was lying to me, and improved my health. To top that, I made more money and was blessed with many new opportunities in my career. These tools brought me peace of mind. I will use them the rest of my life.

~ With gratitude, Lynne

I feel like I have a ticket to ‘insider information’!

When I started the Psychic Development program, I was filled with questions. After the first night, I wasn’t sure if I was in over my head. But I decided to just let go, trust, and see what would happen. Over the days since, I have come to awareness and unexpected answers. Things are happening for me. I feel like I have a ticket to ‘insider information’!

~ Thank you, Stevi

I feel alive, rejuvenated, wiser and more caring

Time is slowing down for me since I started studying with you, Ruth. I am not so overwhelmed with all the things I have going on. Plus, the things I dreaded doing, like filing, seem to take no time at all. I am so much more efficient, focused and am getting more done every day.

I feel alive, rejuvenated, wiser and more caring. Even my yoga is better! My health, career, and life are glowing and growing. I am so grateful for the Psychic Development Course. I will use these skills for the rest of my life.

~ Love, AJ

I am in a Divine state of mind now

Since the Psychic Development classes, I am praying like never before! Many miracles have already occurred in my life. I am in a Divine state of mind now, more conscious, more awake and aware God is with us.

~ Love, Gaetane

Gave us enlightenment, strength, and power to fulfill our dreams

This unique class guided by The Teachers of the High Plains gave us enlightenment, strength and power to fulfill our dreams, and the opportunity to be of use in a divine and unique healing way.

~ Blessings to all, Sara

I knew I was connected to my God

I wanted to share my experience last night. Bringing in the light of God to circulate in my spine was the most amazing feeling.  I felt locked on and in total alignment. My whole body hummed and vibrated, especially in my hands. I felt almost an electric shock on the right side of my body and pressure around my eyes. My ears were ringing and sounded like a river vibrating inside. I did not want to come out of it. Tears filled my eyes because I knew I was connected to my God.  …All I can say is Thank you!  And that does not even seem suffice.

Much Love!  Have a wonderful blessed day!

~ Love, Rebecca

I felt so blessed

Thank you, Ruth, for your generosity in providing all you did last night. I was so impressed by your stamina, especially in light of your recent medical intervention.  I felt the gentle and generous love of the Healers wash over me as you spoke their transmission. I thank them, and you, for showering me with the blessings I received.

This morning the gifts of The Healers were made manifest before my eyes. For the past several months, I’ve been taking my body temperature upon rising each morning as a way of monitoring my metabolism. In all that time my body temperature had never read higher than 97 degrees—Interestingly, the highest temperature reading of 97.9 followed one of the rare nights I obtained nearly eight hours sleep. (Go figure.) 😉 This morning my body temperature reached a new record.  When the thermometer beeped, the temperature read 98 degrees! I knew instantly that it was due to the intervention of the Healers. I felt so blessed.  I am so thankful to them for their love . . . and to you, dear Ruth.  

Much Love and Light, Cynthia

The meditation experience was powerful

Last week’s class was wonderful. The meditation experience was powerful and when you mentioned gifts and abilities mastered in previous lives activating now, I experienced a profound inner smile of such deep delight and knowing…It was as if my wise self was being awakened and brought into this activation. Thank you for teaching this class, I feel blessed to be part of it.

~ Best wishes to you, Terry Z

I know I will use these lessons for the rest of my life

I want to thank you for the great opportunity we had last evening. We are so fortunate to have had all of the lessons and guidance made available to us. I know I will use these lessons for the rest of my life. I always have a hard time putting my feeling into words and, many times, do not know what to say. Now when I am indecisive, I bring out my crystal pendulum and seek the answer. I will continue to write in spirit each evening and see what happens. Again, I am truly thankful for the lessons. You have brought so much into my life.

Love, Marge

After years of teaching spiritual and psychic development in small, invitation-only seminars and classes, Ruth Lee is offering to teach YOU how to develop a firm spiritual foundation designed to help you throughout your life. Because it is made available in CD form, you are in charge of how much time you will spend on each of the 8 channeled lessons on Psychic Development for Everyday Living.

It came to an end too soon

I have learned so much from you over the time of this class, and I am so sad that it came to an end too soon.  I wanted to make sure you know how much I have appreciated being a part of this.

~ Namaste…SS

I am looking forward to these CDs to keep on pace

Thank you, Ruth! This home study course will really help reinforce the psychic development work we started in class. Your work has already helped me in many areas, and I am looking forward to these CDs to keep up the pace. The special healing with The Healers totally released all pain in my neck and shoulders.  I am so grateful.

~ Thank you for sharing this work…. Katie

I experienced the most incredible sense of joy

Ruth, I wanted to share some great experiences since the classes ended. These tie into lessons I received in your classes.

On the final call, a woman named Sarah shared how while meditating, she had been scared when surrounded in white light, but decided she was safe and let it inside her to experience wonderful results. I had been experiencing a sense of something “smoky” in my nostrils during meditation and was scared, had been blowing outward from my nose thinking it was something that needed to leave my body. After hearing her story, I went to meditate that night. This time, I breathed inward when the smoke arrived since I knew I was strongly surrounded in white light. Sure enough, I experienced the most incredible sense of joy that spread through my heart and my core…Now, whenever I feel that smoky sensation swirling in my nose, I breathe it in deeply and love the feeling I have.

I understand that I’ve met my higher self – the true me.  Wow! …Those are some of the exciting results in my life. I thank you for your part in all of this wondrous experience.

~ Joanne

I am praying like never before

So much has change with the Psychic Development Class! I am praying like never before! It is more profound and more deliberate than before. I am taking more time to pray. I often pray while taking a warm bubble bath!!!  (Like I was told, I am taking long warm bathes.) It’s a time to connect with God and with the people I care about. Many miracles have already happened. I am praying at a new level. You are in my prayers, and when I think of you, I see you smiling. I think about you also when I listen to the meditation with the Ancient Tibetan Mantra (Full Circle of Meditation available on CD). I love it when you say ‘expect Miracles’. This mantra is an anchor for me. Thanks for your great work. You are a Miracle!!!

I am looking throughout the day for positive evidences and for Miracles. It does make a difference. This is such a joyful experience! More and more I am in a different state of mind also. I am more in a ‘Divine state of mind’. It is different — more conscious, more aware that God is with us. One big lesson I am integrating more and more is to be more accountable with my promises, with what I say I am going to do. That is presently changing. I am praying a lot for that, too.

Much love…I continue to expect miracles!

~ Gigi

The opportunity to study Psychic Development with Ruth Lee in person over the phone  will not be offered again and the classes as presented will never be repeated, but never fear! You, too, can work with Ruth Lee, Scribe!

Let Ruth Lee demonstrate how to control your mind and master your universe—remove indecision and needless worry. Study with The Scribe now! Tune into her home study course on Psychic Development for Everyday Living. Let her help you develop spiritually and intuitively as you work alone on your own to improve your life.

Imagine how easy life can be if you think about things and then fully integrate your psychic abilities into making great everyday decisions!

Psychic Development for Everyday Use by Ruth Lee Scribe

Psychic Development for Everyday Use ~A Home Study Course~ As Taught by Ruth Lee

Available on 9 CDs and designed to develop and use intuitive sources to improve your everyday life

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