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Psychic Development for Everyday Use by Ruth Lee Scribe

Psychic Development for Everyday Use
~A Home Study Course~
As Taught by Ruth Lee

When using the Psychic Development for Everyday Use home study course, you explore all your intuitive gifts, as well as receive in-depth training on the basics needed for advanced spiritual work. Everyone needs to master these basics, if you wish to use your spiritual gifts to help yourself and others …

CD 1: The Art of Relaxation Relaxation is the basis of all psychic and spiritual work. You must master relaxation to rapidly advance in all other aspects of spiritual work. Ruth Lee guides you through the total relaxation process, helping you shed worries and stress in order to enjoy peace of mind. Using this CD, helps you attain a greater awareness of your inner life.
CD 2: Meditation for a Joy-Filled Life Meditation is easily achieved when you know how to totally relax and let go of extraneous thoughts. To achieve this state of bliss and be able to release the worries and concerns of your mundane and everyday life, simply follow The Scribe’s guidance and practice, practice, practice.
CD 3: Altering Your State of Mind Once you master relaxation and meditation, learn how to enter a light trance state where you can more easily develop your art and zest for life. This class builds on previous work to increase your awareness of what goes on around you all the time and you may not be aware of now.
CD 4: Visualizing a Better Life Before architects design a building, they first envision how it will look and how it can be built. You, too, can use visualization to become the architect of your life. Learn how to envision outcomes that increase your ability to make good decisions and expand your horizons.
CD 5: Affirmations Are Simply Amazing! Repeating positive statements enables you to reprogram and change the stale, too-often negative messages that by default play constantly in your mind. As you think, you change your mind—as well as your future.  Learn how to change those ever-present messages now!
CD 6: Divining with Psychometry and Pendulum Learn how to quickly use a pendulum to make decisions more easily by using your intuitive source. It is so easy and fascinating to use a pendulum that you will use it often. Various dimensions of psychometry are introduced, so you can chose various ways to develop your gifts in this area.
CD 7: Color Dynamics Color is a powerful aspect of life that many ignore or don’t know how to use. You need to know how colors impact your thinking and emotions, as well as what it can teach you about others. Change color and change the dynamics of your world!
CD 8: Prayer Makes All Things Possible The power of prayer is too often forgotten in our hectic modern-day world. This class covers what you can accomplish with prayer. For example: How to create a better world and what not to do. This final lesson combines your spiritual work to become the cornerstone of your successful completion of this home study course as taught by Ruth Lee, Scribe.

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Okay, take in a deep breath, then exhale slowly through your mouth and ask yourself if you will benefit from enhancing your ability to work in Spirit in order to more fully use your psychic gifts…using guidance provided by Ruth Lee. Listen for the answer coming  from The Holy Spirit moving within you now and always…


If you got the approval to move ahead and sign up now—don’t wait for another day to arrive before you, too, can begin using the many blessings available in the Psychic Development for Everyday Use home study course.

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If you do not recognize Ruth Lee as a gifted spiritual teacher…

The Scribe has been recognized as an outstanding psychic practitioner for many years. Having unconsciously used her psychic gifts all her life, most were not too surprised when she left an executive position in corporate America in 1991 to devote her life’s work to helping others develop their spirituality as well.

Psychic Development for Everyday Use by Ruth Lee Scribe

Psychic Development for Everyday Use
~A Home Study Course~
As Taught by Ruth Lee

Available on 9 CDs and designed to develop and use intuitive sources to improve your everyday life

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