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When Ruth Lee worked with clients in person—and later over the phone, she did not forbid taping the sessions; however, the tape was usually blank when played back later. The Scribe provides a written record of each session, but retains little or no memory of it. You be the judge and jury—You decide what it all means.

Although Ruth no longer accepts new counseling clients, and coaches only a few long-established entrepreneurs, she continues to produce books that teach metaphysical lessons in a ‘novel’ way—and occasionally holds classes on line. How long that work will be available is debatable, but those who participate know: When it’s over, it’s over–never to be repeated!

Although it isn’t easy to describe this amazing woman’s spiritual work, just ask anyone who has attended her seminars, classes, spiritual retreats—or had a reading, and they all agree it is easier to believe than to describe what goes on then.

Who is Ruth Lee?

Many are curious about Ruth Lee as a personality. They ask: “Why is Ruth so special–or gifted with such great abilities?”

Ruth was blessed with an older mother whose advanced education in social science provided keen insights into people. On the down side, at an early age Ruth assumed responsibility for caring for elderly, ailing parents. Her father died when she was 16 and her mother suffered with the after-effects of rheumatic fever until her death.

Ruth Lee, 'The Scribe'Dreams of becoming a scientist ended when Ruth had to enter the workforce upon graduating from high school. At that time the local economy was in tatters, and women had few career options.  Ruth’s impressive scholastic record presented an opportunity to work in the emerging field of computer technology, but it was years before her skills as a technical writer and administrator were also recognized.

Denied promotion due to lack of a degree, Ruth enrolled at the University of Pittsburgh where she graduated Summa cum Laude in Organizational Psychology in four years at night—while maintaining an ‘outstanding’ job rating. At age 40, she was invited to their PhD programs in Psychology and Sociology, instead she easily achieved a Master’s degree in Industrial Relations. Her thesis: “Cost Containment of Employee Benefits in a Declining Industry” was adopted by US Steel, but she was not promoted nor otherwise compensated for contributing to the successful downsizing of the company.

Her academic and business achievements caught the attention of an Exxon subsidiary where Ruth doubled her income in less than seven years. Such success came at a heavy price! After 32 years of continuous employment—giving up weeks of vacation, she developed seven stress-related diagnoses. Having given everything she had to her career, Ruth walked away and never returned to Corporate America.

Determined to leave the world behind, but needing to support herself, Ruth embarked on a 3-day novena using the “Powerful Prayer to the Holy Spirit”. She prayed that she could write for the rest of her life and never have to return to Corporate America. The fourth day, Ruth received a message while meditating:  “If you will write for us, we will support you in your writing.” That day Ruth Lee emerged as a Spiritual Scribe!

Ruth and Peruvian ShamanaSuch great spiritual gifts and ongoing development of her sacred work astonished no one more than Ruth! When she left ‘The World’ behind, she never expected to work for The Holy Spirit!

It’s up to you to accept or reject that this down-to-earth, highly-educated woman left a prestigious career…and with no special training began to channel others’ spiritual guides; trance-scribe The Books of Wisdom; and create books that teach metaphysical practices in a ‘novel’ way.

Renowned as a Dream Weaver, artist, poet, and author, Ruth Lee continues her work in Spirit, but no longer accepts new clients. Much of The Scribe’s work is available in print and audio—with more to come. Expect more ‘novels’, but don’t count on future spiritual retreats or advanced courses of esoteric study.

In recent years The Scribe has had a miraculous healing from Ovarian Cancer and recently a severe blockage of her aortic artery was discovered and treated before a heart attack occurred. Ruth gives thanks daily for the many health challenges she has survived and for the blessings of her work with many others.

To gain further insights into Ruth Lee’s life and work as a Spiritual Scribe, read The Making of a Scribe ~ How to Achieve a Life You Can Write About 

The Books of Wisdom, Volume 1: We Are Here The Teachers of the Higher Planes, Ruth Lee Scribe
The Books of Wisdom, Volume 2: The Work Begins The Teachers of the Higher Planes, Ruth Lee Scribe
The Books of Widsom, Volume 3: The Art of Life: Living Together in Harmony The Teachers of the Higher Planes, Ruth Lee Scribe
The Books of Wisdom, Volume 4: Now is The Time The Teachers of the Higher Planes, Ruth Lee Scribe
Books of Wisdom, Volume 5: The World of Tomorrow The Teachers of the Higher Planes, Ruth Lee Scribe
The Books of Wisdom, Volume 6: Bliss Is It! The Teachers of the Higher Planes, Ruth Lee Scribe

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