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Jeanne's Story: Writing in Spirit by Ruth Lee, Scribe

Writing in Spirit 

Volume 2 of the Writing in Spirit Trilogy

By Ruth Lee


Regardless of where you are now, your understanding of who you are and why you are here is enhanced by Writing in Spirit!

The Writing in Spirit Workbook provides easy-to-follow exercises designed to improve your everyday writing, as well as help you connect more deeply to your Higher Self and inner life. This is your chance to learn how to access your spiritual life in order to create literature—or even messages from God.

Using the Writing in Spirit Workbook regularly will help you access the highest levels of your being and improve your everyday writing skills. It also provides insights into Ruth Lee’s background and blessings–offering clues as to why she was called to be a Spiritual Scribe—channeling the words of those invisible to this world, yet present in our spiritual lives.

This seemingly simple workbook can improve your writing and launch you into such work, too! Whether you write professionally, or journal with the intention of better understanding life and your role in it, the assignments in the Writing in Spirit Workbook will help you advance more rapidly. The lessons clearly demonstrate how to relax and enter other states of consciousness or concentration so words of wisdom can more readily pass through your pen to the paper. 

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For many years Ruth Lee’s clients and students asked her to teach them how to Write in Spirit as she does. This powerful and informative workbook is her response. Here are samples of the many lessons found in the Writing in Spirit Workbook:

Page 8: “Do you believe you have to work hard to develop your art? You are working hard now or you are not Writing in Spirit. To work out a way to develop what some call art and others call craft, or a method of communicating with others, you must first know who you are and why you wish to star.”

Page 13: “The time has come when you must decide if you wish to use all of your life when writing or only what you can see here and now. Once you decide to delve into your deepest life and use it to enlighten this time, we can help.  If you decide writing like this—without a lot of effort—yet barely able to meditate an hour daily is fine, then it is time to drop out and think more about it.”

Page 40: “You must persist with what you wish to do!  No one else cares what you think about now, but one day it will be remembered as when you became yourself or became a writer, or moved out of the past and became another who did much better.”

Page 57:  “When you started reading Writing in Spirit (Jeanne’s Story), you felt it would never come out the way Ruth Lee scribed and told you it would—right?  If so, you are defying your mind and not conflicting with her work in any way.  You have the model before you and can study her work or ignore it as before, but why not wonder more—doubting what you were told about this life and what you can look forward to now?”

Writing in Spirit Workbook by Ruth Lee Scribe

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Writing in Spirit


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Writing in Spirit Workbook


Don’t wait to learn how to Write in Spirit! Quickly adopt and adapt new methods of accessing your spiritual life in order to increase your productivity, as well as your creativity and effectiveness begin immediately to use the powerful insights in the Writing in Spirit Workbook by practicing its lessons…plus many others in the Writing in Spirit Official Notebook.

Writing in Spirit Official Notebook

 Writing in Spirit
Official Notebook

Volume 3 of the Writing in Spirit Trilogy


Mastering the art of writing is a life-long endeavor which can enhance your life in many ways. Both the beginner and experienced writer can benefit from the creative and inspiring exercises in this notebook. You can create a work of art—both with your life and your writing! 

Keep in Mind: The best way to keep track of your progress over time is to fill out a new notebook each time you redo The Workbook.

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