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Writing in Spirit Official Notebook

Writing in Spirit 
Official Notebook

Volume 3 of the Writing in Spirit Trilogy

By Ruth Lee



The world today communicates primarily through writing, so those who perfect such skills are more likely to be successful in all aspects of life—and with Spirit guiding your hand—you will find writing far more gratifying than ever before.

Sometimes it helps to have a ‘sneak preview’ of what a book has to offer—maybe even give you a chance to work out an exercise. For that reason, a rundown of the Table of Contents of the Writing in Spirit Official Notebook is provided here:  

SECTION 1 – Writing in Spirit Workbook Assignments

For your convenience, reminders and instructions from the Writing in Spirit Workbook are provided, as well as necessary space to complete such assignments. If you choose to use the Notebook only during future practice sessions, these prompts will prove to be invaluable.

SECTION 2 – Enhance Your Ability to Write in Spirit

The exercises provided in this section are not covered in the Writing in Spirit Workbook. They are specifically designed to help you develop your ability to more easily enter your spiritual realm and Write in Spirit.

SECTION 3 – Improve Your Everyday Writing Ability

Writing is more important now than at any other time in your life. What with e-mail, texting, and other social media, you need to communicate in writing constantly. None of these exercises is covered in the Writing in Spirit Workbook.

SECTION 4 – Space to Literally Spread Your Wings and Fly

Cues—or perhaps clues—designed to expand your creative writing and art. One supports the other! Whenever stuck, or looking for something new to do, check out the exercises provided here.

Now doesn’t that make you want to dig in and see what you can write, too? Don’t believe you can never write as Ruth Lee, Scribe does all the time. You may never progress to the point where you scribe for others as she does, but you can definitely improve your inner connections and write better than you do now.

The following is an assignment straight from the pages of the Writing in Spirit Official Notebook:

What do you believe is going on around you now? Do you have to be in charge and have a reason for everything that happens to you? Are you frequently unable to accept what is, instead must know more in order to solve puzzles or enigmas before moving ahead? These are jumping-off places where you can begin Writing in Spirit.

Let whatever comes from within your inner life surface and introduce new views of you as you are now. Sit for a few moments before picking up a pen…let your hand write whatever comes through to you. Do whatever it takes to Write in Spirit today.

The Writing in Spirit Official Notebook is the perfect gift for all the ‘journalists’ on your gift list. Alone or as a companion to the Writing in Spirit Workbook, your gift to a teenager or adult who loves to write or wants to learn how to connect to their inner life through writing will be much appreciated!

Writing in Spirit Official Notebook

Writing in Spirit
Official Notebook

Volume 3 of the Writing in Spirit Trilogy


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