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The Books of Wisdom, Volume 2: The Work Begins The Teachers of the Higher Planes, Ruth Lee Scribe


The Work Begins


Ruth Lee, Scribe

“The work of Spirit is not difficult if you are in tune with your own inner being, but if you are not, you need help. We are here to help you develop and work out your problems so you can fly when it comes time to leave this world behind.” ~ The Teachers of the Higher Planes

Mind, body, and spirit working together in harmony is necessary—if you wish to succeed in all aspects of life. Agreed? If so, save time and energy by reading The Work Begins, an amazing spiritual ‘how-to’ manual that The Teachers created in other times and planes. The importance of spiritual work, including meditation and such practices, is defined in clear, logical terms—thoroughly explained so you do not waste time trying to figure out how to ace life.

You arrived on Earth with inner wisdom and enough knowledge to pass this life’s tests—really! However, you may not be easily accessing this information now due to lack of knowledge. The lessons in The Work Begins are easy! Each one provides greater understanding of why spiritual practice is necessary.

Wealth does not bestow wisdom nor provide a meaningful life—that is derived from Spirit. This is not an easy concept to accept when your culture is dedicated to accruing wealth without work and, for the most part, is unconcerned about spirituality. This is why The Books of Wisdom are so important! The Work Begins demonstrates work of a spiritual nature you can use immediately—thus enjoy life on Earth today more than ever before.

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Excerpts From: 

The Work Begins

Opening words: “You are not the only beings to reside upon Earth, but you alone reside within your own world.  No one else could live within it as you have designed it specifically for you. The designers of the past had a very different approach to life and often pretended that God was in the Earth. They felt reverence for the water and air and worshipped the elements.

“We are not at all pleased that you do not care for what has been given to you, but it is not our place to comment. You look to us to be spoiled children, but God is the father of us all and God has no problem, so we have no problem. However, God has called us to teach you manners and an appreciation for the fullest possible life upon Earth. You will begin to learn and we will continue to teach.”

Page 12: “In the beginning of the world in which you now live, the work of the people was harmonious. They fought against the ravages of nature, but not each other. Now you rage against each other. This is not wise. You are all in the same world. You are all the same. You are not like any other beings in the universe so why not act as one world?”

Page 69:   “Whatever you do, do your own work.  Do not worry over the work of others.  If you do your own work and have time left over to help others, you may assist, but you may never set up to do the other person’s work for them.  It is against the rules of God to do the work of another.  Your own life is your work.”

Page 79: “If the work of this session is difficult, you will notice an increase in your energy level. Always exert yourself! If you do not, you will feel energy oozing from you. Remember, energy grows in those who exert themselves. Energy begets energy. You can feel it.”

Page 98: “When you are free of disease, you are able to grow and develop emotionally and mentally.  Disease cannot stop you from developing spiritually. Your mind is not the same as your Spirit, nor is the mental process the same as your spiritual growth. Before you can increase your potential and possible growth, you must put aside such comparisons. The mind is here on Earth, but The Spirit exists always.”

Last Words of The Work Begins: “The Earth is your project as a people, but your life is your total responsibility. We go in fear of nothing, but you have everything to fear if you do not work on you—so get to work!”

The best reason to read The Work Begins is it makes you stop and think about your spiritual beliefs—which can easily blow your mind away! 

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The Books of Wisdom, Volume 2: The Work Begins The Teachers of the Higher Planes, Ruth Lee Scribe

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