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The Books of Wisdom, Volume 6: Bliss Is It! The Teachers of the Higher Planes, Ruth Lee Scribe


Bliss is It! 

Ruth Lee, Scribe



“The work of Spirit is not difficult if you are in tune with your own inner being, but if you are not, you need help. We are here to help you develop and work out your problems so you can fly when it comes time to leave this world behind.” ~ The Teachers of the Higher Planes

If you previously studied with The Teachers of the Higher Planes, you may think you know what to expect now—but Bliss is It! is unlike any other volume in The Books of Wisdom series!

Bliss is It! overflows with wisdom that can easily be applied directly to your life today. According to The Teachers, once you know what Bliss is, and how to train your mind to live in Grace, it’s easy to attain. Follow their logic and practical advice! You too can live in Bliss now!

If you need help passing the tests of time, The Teachers provide wisdom and abundant knowledge about this life and the worlds around us. Once you are connected to your Higher Self, Earth’s lessons are easily understood. Use wisdom channeled from The Teachers and your Spiritual Guides to ace Life 101 now!

Excerpts From: 

Bliss is It!

Opening words: “Today is not the first day of your new life—regardless of what others might say or pray will happen. It’s just another day in a very, very long continuum of time you may or may not understand now, but will by the time you finish reading this book.

“Today you are who counts. To deny this is to subscribe to the idea you are not here to be you, nor here to do what you wish and then leave, which is not what we are here to teach you now. This is the last time we will attempt to help human beings become who they are meant to be—not imitations of those limited by what is done to them or not provided by others—plus all manner of limiting ideas that make no sense to anyone who has a brain.”

Page 91“Take your time deciding what best describes your actions now. Think that over a bit, and then take care to adopt it in its best interpretation. Meanwhile your mind will be thriving or dying, depending upon how much you permit it to decide what you want.”

Page 103: “Once you decide what to do to prove you are who you believe you to be, recognize how long it takes to weed out all the lives you could be living now – all the lies you tell in order to create this personality you want others to believe is you. Create a new way of doing this and you will become someone other than who you believe you to be now. Can that ever happen? Yes, and it happens whenever you decide you will not permit another to live in your life or take up space in your mind.”

Page 187:  “Whatever you decide, and however you work today, you do what you do out of concern for you. Whatever others say or do, they also think of themselves first. It is a law written into the genetic structure, so no arguments about it now.”

Page 258: “Why support a world where celebrity means you are not fit to know personally and are looked down on by the society from which you sprang? You say that is not how it is, but it is! You praise in order to raise the ego of another, then pounce and destroy them in public. It will be the way your present civilization is portrayed, so be aware of it when you next chase after celebrities you created—either wanting a piece of them or watching them leave the stage wilted and decayed.”

Page 262: “You will gain what you seek or wander aimlessly until you die, but either way it is your life to live as you wish.”


The Books of Wisdom, Volume 6: Bliss is It! The Teachers of the Higher Planes, Ruth Lee Scribe
Bliss is It!


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The Books of Wisdom, Volume 6: Bliss Is It! The Teachers of the Higher Planes, Ruth Lee Scribe

NOTE: If you would like an 'autographed' copy of the original channeled edition of Bliss is It!, Ruth Lee has a very limited number of single copies still available to scribe a brief message for you or whomever you choose to gift.

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