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Angel of The Maya

By Ruth Lee


Everyone is talking about Angel of The Maya…Are you?

A treasure in my library!

“Angel of the Maya” is a book rich in spirituality, deeply seeded into novel form. Its story is a beautiful journey I have traveled many times, either by reading the complete adventure or a random page of wisdom for the day. No matter which, it always delivers exactly what I need then, and heads me in the right direction with renewed vision. There is always something new and exciting to discover inside the pages of “Angel of The Maya“, just like the ancient secrets hidden within the walls of the sacred pyramids. Your treasure is hidden within the lines, just waiting for you to read and find it!

~ By Becky Nichols, Author and Illustrator of “Horse and Pony Tales” series

One Amazing journey 

Ruth Lee is an amazing person. If you haven’t gotten a chance to work with her personally or to read her books, you’ve missed an opportunity to advance spiritually. When I read Ruth’s works (most channeled materials) you go on an inner journey. It is quite uncanny! Like “getting lost” in a movie. What is more interesting is how I’m different afterwards. It is truly as if I’ve gone through the exact experiences as the characters. I am never the same!!! Are you curious about your life’s true passion? Do you wonder what it would be like to surrender completely? Angel of the Maya will get you started on the journey of your lifetime…

~ Renee

Past, present and future come together nicely in this factual, somewhat biographical work of fiction(!). Mandy is like a trusted friend who will meet you warmly whether it’s every day, or once in a blue moon, with great stories and wonderful people around her. You’ll pick up right where you left off like there was no time in-between. Read it once, then go back and see what you missed the last time; Mandy will always have something good for you!

~ Cheryl L. Devecka

Angel of The Maya is a journey into the realms of art, culture, and spirituality in a unique tale which brings together ancient wisdom and modern-day ways. Angels are messengers, and this book abounds with messages for those who are able to pick them up and intuit their significance. There are many applications for the reader’s own growth based on what the ancient Maya created centuries ago, and much that can be used to help humankind advance in these times. Readers of Angel of The Maya will also enjoy The Word of The Maya, channeled from Ascended Maya by Ruth Lee.

Julie Powell

The Ascension Process Revealed

I was up till 3:00 reading “Angel of The Maya.” Couldn’t put it down, had to see how it ended. I have to say I was fascinated throughout. I can’t wait for the sequel. The ending alluded to more adventures with Mandy. The characters are so believable as if they are people I actually know.

The Actual Ascension process is woven into the story line. It’s all about how to prepare for ascension and how to use all the intuitive gifts God gave us while living like the Ascended Maya. What a movie this book would make! I can imagine the special effects with levitation and the Ascension of Jeanne and The Angel of The Maya… Teri morphing into a Saint. I loved it and will begin a second read immediately. I’m sure I will get even more out of it the second time.

What I loved the most is all the little clues of how to work cooperatively with others toward a common goal; getting beyond jealousy and greed. The compound is a microcosm of a perfect world, the way we may be living in the future. Mandy is so intuitive she can see into anyone with evil intent and quickly gets rid of them.

This adventure is a preview of a future way of life on Earth; a return to a simpler lifestyle, living as a tribe and working together for the benefit of all. This tale of The Ascended Maya gives me much hope for the human race.

~ Uforia Salon and Spa

Love reading a book that ends with a smile on my face

I just finished reading Angel of the Maya and loved it. I especially loved Lesson Two in Chapter 54. I’m going to use this in my life when others ask me what to do.

~ Millicent Smith

Colourful Artwork by Ruth Lee, ScribeCritics may rave or not, but what counts most is the impact a book has on its readers! Not even I anticipated the effect Angel of The Maya would have on its readers. Who knew how many could easily read between the lines and quickly grasp even the most arcane of mysteries? Thank you all for the many insights shared here—may miracles continue to flow in your direction!          — Ruth Lee, Scribe

Angel of the Maya by Ruth Lee Scribe


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