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Did you ever say:  “One of these days I’ll get around to it?”  Recently when I said it, someone handed me what looked like a poker chip with the inscription: ‘ROUNDTUIT’.That small token made me stop and think…For over 18 years I’ve owned a successful coaching business that helps people create heart-centered businesses, and over the years I tried my best to fit it all in, but some things never got done—I never got ‘roundtuit’.

Starting out, I had a baby daughter who is now grown and preparing for college in the fall, so my primary focus was family responsibilities and business. In addition, I experienced the same stressors as other entrepreneurs who want it all.  In time I realized that wasn’t possible and I had to stop saying. “I’ll get ‘roundtuit’ someday.”

If I had a ‘roundtuit’ for every time I said it, I would have quite a collection by now.  How about you?

For many of us, the area we put off most is spiritual development.  It was hard for me to justify time for relaxing or meditating—and journaling appeared on my ‘roundtuit’ lists more often than exercising or connecting with friends!

Based on reports from others, most of us abandon activities that produce peace of mind in favor of seeking success and recognition.  We acknowledge journaling is a powerful tool that creates breakthroughs in our personal and professional lives—but who has the time?

If wondering how I and others fit journaling into their everyday lives, let me suggest something that worked for me…

Ruth Lee created an amazing novel about a successful businesswoman who seemingly by accident discovers she can write in Spirit. Jeanne’s Story ~ Writing in Spirit evencontains a study guide designed to help you learn how to write in Spirit, but I wanted/needed more!

Shortly after creating the novel, Ruth Lee scribed the Writing in Spirit Workbook, as well as the Writing in Spirit Official Notebook, both designed to help people like me journal in earnest.

The Writing in Spirit Workbook alone provides structure and support needed by those who wish to connect to their spiritual source through writing and art.   After using theWorkbook for only a few weeks, I became more productive and had insightful dreams that amazingly increased business revenue and created deeper family bonds.

There is nothing like writing to explore the spiritual aspects of life!  If you want to stop saying: “I’ll get ‘roundtuit”,and start connecting with your inner life,  I recommend theWriting in Spirit Trilogy, especially the great exercises and lessons on how to use your spiritual gifts and increase your artistic creativity provided in the Writing in Spirit Workbook.  Check it out here!

Guest Blogger:  Sharon Wilson, Founder –

Ed. Note:  In case you’re wondering, you can buy ‘roundtuits’ on Amazon. 

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