The Books of Wisdom, Volume 1: We Are Here The Teachers of the Higher Planes, Ruth Lee Scribe
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We Are Here ~ The Teachers of the Higher Planes kicked off the first of six classes presented free of cost by Ruth Lee, Scribe.  If you wish to sign up for the classes, click here. No promises made, but what surprised many was no hype, no sales pitch, no call to action …just scribed prose The Teachers create and is much appreciated by attendees. However, The Teachers’ directness was disconcerting to one.  (See her letter at end)

The Teachers are loved for their no-nonsense approach to life on Earth…but some may consider it strange to address today’s audiences seeking praise and peace, yet prone to accept no help, in such direct terms. When The Teachers said they care not if you like what they say—here it is and you cannot deny its wisdom…Well, is that any way to sell books?

Believe it or not…these classes are not about selling books!  We are working hard to deliver the news and let you decide if it helps you or not. Our lives have all been touched by The Teachers and The Scribe in amazing ways, but we know there are millions who have no idea what is going on now and we feel sorry for them…but not you! You found us in the vast internet and can see for yourself if this work provides what you seek.

Oh, yes, about the notes we received after the first class of The Gifts of Wisdom held Tuesday night, January 12, 2016. Many hundreds signed up for the class, but most prefer replays; however, a few of the 70+ present called in—praising and commenting on how to save planet Earth. Here are a few notes received after the class:

Dear Ruth,

Thank you, once again, for taking the time to enlighten us. I also want to thank all the others who contributed to this important session. The photos were lovely, the message so important that the Teachers have come back again to remind us we are continuing to destroy our planet.

I will begin again to work with a group called the “”Clean Water Action”. I have made donations to them in the past and will continue to do so. I, also, have an idea of what I can do in some small way to help. 

~ LOVE, Marge


The Books of Wisdom were way ahead of their time. I listened repeatedly to the first book on tape over twenty years ago when I first met Ruth Lee. Back then I was shocked and a bit scared to hear the world was about to change drastically, but I knew it was true…I felt it deep inside. And it’s really happening now all around us. The Teachers are giving us another chance to make this world a better place…and The Books of Wisdom have never been more relevant then right now.

~ Kathy


Hi Ruth,

I woke up this morning with this: Expansion of my energy and Love. Growing and growing… There is also an openness and lightness – Wonderful!  I also felt a presence during the night.  Thanks  Ruth. Have a Divine day.

~ Love, Gaétane


Sent: Wed, Jan 13, 2016 10:45 am
Re: Replay from The Gift of Wisdom Session 1


Thank you for Session One from the Gift of Wisdom Series.  It was interesting and challenging for me. I listened to the live webinar and loved the images shown. There wasn’t an option at the website to type in comments so I’m sending them to you via email. (Note: Technical difficulties resulted in the Comments Box not appearing during the class. This has been corrected for all ongoing classes)

I am  new to these others from the Higher Planes. I didn’t feel any love or compassion coming through as they spoke. Also, they didn’t seem to think it mattered if they introduced themselves or not. I found myself wondering why I should believe unseen voices that won’t even introduce themselves? There are all sorts of entities out there, why should I listen to or believe these guys? Also, at the end, they said something to the effect that the scribe wouldn’t be answering any questions and that was it. “Elvis has left the building.” came to mind.

I was surprised when people said that they felt the loving message coming through and the love from these beings, because I didn’t. Throughout the session, I kept a prayer going for my heart to be open to their message and to face any resistance I may be experiencing. Some things rang true to me, but on the whole, I ended up feeling afraid and very disconnected from God.

But, like I wrote above, this is challenging for me. I will listen to the upcoming session and will see if my experience changes. Thank you for the sessions and thank you for listening.

~ Marilyn

Here is what Ruth Lee, Scribe, wrote back to Marilyn…you may be surprised:

Hi Marilyn…

Glad you took time to write about your concerns, which are best addressed by a perusal of the book in question. (We Are Here ~ The Teachers of the Higher Planes) Yes, The Teachers are teachers of the old school, if you are old enough to remember them and very authoritarian in manner to some…but once you have worked with them and see there is no attempt to persuade you to ‘believe’ or change what you believe and so on…just giving you the facts…and letting you use your God-given minds and hearts to decide if it helps explain life better…then they did their job.

We have often compared The Teachers to Mr. Spock of Star Trek and perhaps that helps you a bit…But if not…why not give them a chance to show you their work and reasons for being on Earth? I gather that you have not heard of their work before…and you may now assume this is what i do…but that would be incorrect. As was said in the class…this is not how i personally teach and not what i was called to explain to you…but i felt the need to provide all who are seeking advice and guidance about the basics of life see there is work on Earth that delves into all areas of our existence here.

Oh, yes, this class, and the First Book, is not like the following classes and books of wisdom. This one just announces why teachers…not preachers or missionaries… were sent to Earth to get us working hard to save Earth…and what we can do if our work to save Earth is not enough. Believe me, it was a shock to me when i first scribed it and for a long time afterwards.

As i always say when asked…this particular book is not for everyone…but it does help to understand the background of those who give so much common sense to us in subsequent books.

Thanks for asking about the work…and many blessings in your spiritual pursuits.
Ruth Lee, Scribe

Enough of what others think, time for you to see for yourself if The Teachers and The Scribe can help you live a more powerful and harmonious life while here. See you at the next class on Tuesday night, January 26, 2016. Every class will be very different from all others!

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