The big news around here is The Scribe, Ruth Lee, is going to provide one last opportunity to meet and study The Books of Wisdom in her own unique and wonderful way. This program has not yet been posted in the Classes and Retreats section, but you can read more about The Scribe and The Books of Wisdom right here on site.

Spiritual Gifts -- click here to register for The Gift of Wisdom classess
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This brand-new, FREE series of classes will be The Scribe’s last free classes. Actually, this is the first time Ruth has offered a series of classes free of charge. Normally you would have to pay for a portion of her time, but not this time. This is her gift to you and her way of letting The World know about the world she has worked in with The Teachers of the Higher Planes for over 20 years.

The Gift of Wisdom…

To celebrate the re-release of We Are Here ~ The Teachers of the Higher Planes, the first Book of Wisdom redone by The Scribe and published by LeeWay, Ruth is giving you what she calls the ‘Gift of Wisdom’.

This is your opportunity to meet with Ruth Lee and others of like-mind for six Tuesday night classes starting January 12, 2016 at 8:00pm EST, running bi-weekly and lasting an hour or so. Be sure to mark your calendar so you don’t miss a single class starting at 8pm EDT on:

  • January 12 and 26, 2016
  • February 9 and 23, 2016
  • March 8 and 22, 2016

To enroll and reserve your spot for these final Tuesday Night Gatherings, click here.

If you enroll and cannot attend classes—never fear, a recording of each class will be sent after it ends. No reason to miss out on this once-in-your-lifetime opportunity to gain special spiritual insights into life here and now, as well as what is out there somewhere in time.

The Scribe’s generosity provides a windfall of enormous benefit to all involved—it will change lives! Furthermore, this is the last time Ruth will give such classes! Don’t miss out by forgetting to enroll…click here.

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