We get letters and we get letters—actually lots of e-mail, but this week we received far more support than a private, personal endorsement of our work. We received unexpected support of our new web site from an old friend who lives in Ecuador.  The following first appeared in the December 3, 2015 issue of Cota Notas ~The (ex-pat) Community Bulletin Board of Cotacachi, Ecuador.

Church in Cotacachi, Ecaudor
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This past week I celebrated 3 years living here in Ecuador, and Cotacachi has been home for that entire time. One of the reasons I moved here was to place myself in an environment conducive to greater personal growth, creative work, healing and inspiration. On that note I would like to share with you something that has been a major source of stimulating, if not mind-expanding material, that has had an unmistakably positive impact on my life.

My friend and mentor of over 20 years, Ruth Lee, has transcribed and published a very special series of books. The books are messages from universal teachers who have entered our time and space to assist humans in their understanding of why they are here, what is happening now, what is necessary to fulfill this life’s purpose and how to move onward and upward at the end of this lifetime. The Teachers are known as The Teachers of the Higher Planes, and the volumes are known as the Books of Wisdom. This year the volumes are being released as a new edition, and the first volume, We Are Here will be available on Kindle by the end of this year.

If you would like to find out more please visit www.LeeWayPublishing.com

If the material you find there interests you further, you can buy books, sign up for the newsletter and keep up to date on classes, seminars and material that will definitely expand your awareness and elevate your outlook on life.

Thanks for reading, and blessings on your way!

Julie Powell, cotanotas@gmail.com

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