The LeeWay Publishing Team and Friends
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We at LeeWay Publishing have been working hard for over a year to bring you a new place to hang out and have fun, as well as read the most exciting and interesting things you can find on the internet now.

Ruth Lee, Scribe, has moved her home base over to this site, too, and will be connecting as time goes by with all registered for the LeeWay Today newsletter. Check out About The Scribe’ for more info.

Even if currently on the newsletter mailing list, you may want to sign up for the FREE gift of a class on How to Write in Spirit…which is how The Scribe started and encourages others to try.

We will continue to offer Daily Messages scribed by Ruth Lee as well as frequent new blog posts.  It is our aim to shoot high and wide—and hopefully provide something of interest to everyone who drops by to visit our site.

We hope to see you many times over the years—beginning now!

Thanks again for dropping by and saying Hi!

The Gang at LeeWay

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