About ‘The Scribe’

Quill pen dipped in ink

Describing the work of The Scribe is challenging!

First and foremost, no one writes like Ruth Lee!

Secondly, because no one writes or works as Ruth does, there are no easy comparisons to be made when describing her amazing ability to Write in Spirit and channel the spiritual guides of others.

Many try to compare The Scribe’s work to others, but the closest comparison would appear to be Edgar Cayce’s work. As Ruth explains: “The major difference in our work is that Edgar had a secretary who took down his dictation while in trance, whereas I trance-scribe such dictation without help from another.”

When work differs from all others in whatever way, it’s normal to downplay or even dismiss the new work. Before you do, consider this: Thousands have visited Ruth Lee over the years and witnessed her rapidly typing or writing while simultaneously reading what she is channeling.  Confused, or do you understand what happens when Ruth works as a Spiritual Scribe in an altered state of consciousness?

If you wish to read more about The Scribe’s work
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Ruth Lee in Shamana Dress_cropped
Ruth and Friends with Shaman in Ecaudor-min
Ruth and Micky in Ecaudor-min
Retreat Participants in Ecaudor
Ruth and Shaman in Ecaudor
Ruth buying art in Ecaudor-min
Workshop in Ecaudor
Peru Retreat Participants
Peruvian Shamana
Ruth and Shamana
Lynne and Ruth-min
Retreat picture by pyramids
Retreat Picture By Pyramids 2
Ruth Lee Taking Video
Himalayan Mountains-min
Himalayan Monastary on the Side of the Mountains-min
Buddhist Monk Beside a Mandala-min
Travel Guide in Bhutan-min
Taj Mahal
Snake Charmer in India-min
The Ganges River-min
Students in India-min
Ruth in India
Children in India-min
Ruth on a Camel-cropped-min
Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina-min
Beach in Florida-min
Sharon Wilson and Ruth Lee-min
Ruth's cat Gypsy
Ruth Lee and her Neice-min
The LeeWay Publishing Team and Friends_Slider
Dream Quest 2009 Participants

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